Network Deployment Technician

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What is Network Deployment Technician?

Network Deployment Technicians are there to deploy systems to users, involving things such as VPN deployment, software installation and other areas of technology deployment. On a day to day basis, they troubleshoot problems that arise and deal with all manner of technical issues.

As well as deployment, they might offer help with features, patches and permissions depending on the specifics of the role. Deployment-related issues take up most of their time. If this is something that you want to do professionally and want to find out more about the job, you can do so by reading on now.

Job Description & Responsibilities

Regarding the Network Deployment Technicians job Description, one thing that’s important to remember that this role is all about making sure that a user has the right software for their needs. Managing inventories and carrying out imaging, deployment work and troubleshooting are all part of the job.

There are also many Network Deployment Technicians responsibilities to be aware of. All kinds of software deployment to networked computers is done by network deployment technicians and this is a huge responsibility. They also have to design VPNs and install relevant software at times.

Required Qualifications & Skills

There are some specific Network Deployment Technicians Skills that’ll help you gain a foothold in this career. It’s important that you start out by gaining a bachelor’s degree that relates to some kind of technical discipline, ideally involving computers and how they’re used.

In some instances, depending on the role and how far you want to advance as a network deployment technician, it’s a good idea to pursue a Master’s degree in a related field. This can allow for greater levels of specialization too.

Helpful Certifications

Depending on the role, it might be necessary for you to have a certification that proves you know how to work with certain software. For example, Cisco and Microsoft both offer certification and some employers will look at these as essential.

Even in instances when those kinds of certifications aren’t mandatory, they can still be helpful because they give confidence to employers and show your knowledge in a particular field.

Future Outlook in this Job

Network technicians of all kinds are in greater demand than ever before. As long as you know what you’re doing, have the right skills and qualifications and are ready to prove yourself, you should have no trouble at all finding work in this field. The demand is certainly out there.

It’s a good time to be considering this kind of career path, so if you’re looking for a switch in focus and want to make sure that you have fulfilled career going forward, working as a network deployment technician is certainly an option worth considering.


The average Network Deployment Technicians Salary at the moment is roughly $65,000 per year. You can expect to start with a salary of around $46,000 and there are always opportunities to grow over time as you gain experience and prove yourself in your chosen field.

Some people working as experienced network deployment technicians earn between $90-100,000 per year, so the opportunity to grow your salary over time are certainly there. This is why lots of people choose this job niche over the alternatives out there.

Why Freelancing is a Good Idea

Finding a Network Deployment Technicians jobs shouldn’t be a struggle, but it’s still worth considering a freelance approach rather than only looking for regular full-time employment. There are lots of freelance opportunities out there and it gives you more freedom over your working life.

When people take the freelance route, they tend to find that they’re more content with their work and have the flexibility to organize their work and their life in the way that they want to, and that can’t be a bad thing. It’s definitely an option that’s worth considering for any aspiring network deployment technicians.


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