Mitel Engineer

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Mitel Engineer

The Mitel Engineer comprises an integral part of the telecom industry. They support PABX, network hardware, software, and IP based installations. They provide unified communication solutions for businesses.

As of 2001 onward, Mitel focused more on voice over IP (VOIP) as their core business. Initially, Mitel led in the production of TDM PBX systems and applications worldwide for the voice over internet protocol. Mitel’s most popular technology remains the Mitel VOIP 3300 series of controllers, initially introduced in the global market in the year 2001.

Such engineers, especially those working with the Mitel 3300 or 5000 series, support Voice over IP (VOIP), hosted PBX and unified communication (UC) products to build, deploy and scale-up the enterprise communication systems.

Mitel leads the industry with flexible solutions that meet customer needs, whether cloud-hosted, premise-based or hybrid.

Job Description

Engineers must possess the necessary skills for supporting internet telephony and related technologies in an IP-based installation. Thorough knowledge of WAN, LAN, and SIP Fundamentals will assist you in carrying out on-site responsibilities. Engineers should possess CCNA or CTP certification and have an excellent, thorough fault process mentality to correctly gauge calls along with other relevant technical abilities and knowledge.

Engineers Typically

  • Identify and resolve the problems about Mitel product portfolios, and of MX-One with Mitel customer support in particular
  • Serve as a single point of escalation for Mitel first line group, providing technical support either remotely or on-site
  • Design, build and manage the deployment of Mitel phone systems
  • Support existing Mitel Phone System client base, diagnose phone system faults and repair them
  • Collaborate with third-party vendors to address any network faults with LAN/WAN infrastructure
  • Configure and modify host and client systems and infrastructure as required and requested

Mitel engineer should have understanding in the installation and supporting of following technologies related to Mitel Family:

  • Mi Voice Business
  • Mitel Border Gateway
  • MiCC Contact Center (including Ignite)

As an expert in the setting up, maintenance and backing of Mitel products, professionals are required to be able to determine strong skills in this field. The accreditation of MiVoice formal business and experience is vital along with authorization and expertise in one or the other Mitel products and services. The knowledge of Micollab and MiCC and experience is a huge plus to demonstrate the working principle of unified telephony.

Specific networking understanding is necessary to carry out the day to day assigned task for an organization or at the designated field.


Engineers should possess a working knowledge of Mitel phone system components such as Mitel MCD, MBG, and MiCD along with Mitel AX systems. They also need a thorough understanding of networking skills such as switching and routing, as well as communication technologies such as ISDN, PSTN, and VOIP services.

This is in Addition to the Following Work Experience

  • Extensive experience with Mitel 5000 and or the Mitel 3300
  • Experience with Mitel MCA or Mitel MCP, knowledge of the Sip protocol or Phone Manager Software
  • Knowledge of MBG or MiCollab remains desirable by employers


Engineers require certification for better employment prospects, including the Mitel Certified Associate (MCA) or Mitel Certified Professional (MCP). The Certified Mitel engineer have even more chances for the businesses.


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