Microsoft Azure is big news in the world of cloud computing

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Microsoft Azure is big news in the world of cloud computing, and its use among Fortune 500 companies and continues to grow. The rapid increase in the popularity of Microsoft Azure has led to a growing demand for professionals with Microsoft Azure Certification. If you hope to develop a career in the increasingly important cloud computing arena, then gaining Microsoft Azure Certification is an excellent place to start.

What is Microsoft Azure Certification? 

Gaining MS Azure Certification is a significant benefit to anyone hoping to pursue a cloud computing career. Achieving your Azure Certification demonstrates to potential employers that you have the latest knowledge and skills required to use Microsoft Azure competently. 

What about the Microsoft Azure Certification Path?  

The Microsoft Azure Certification Path consists of three main levels of Certification. These levels are:

  • Microsft Azure Fundamentals
  • Microsoft Azure Developer Associate
  • Microsoft Azure Expert

Within these three levels, there is a range of role-based Microsoft Azure certifications, these are:

  • Azure Fundamentals
  • Azure Administrator Associate
  • Azure Developer Associate
  • Azure Solutions Architect Expert
  • Azure DevOps Engineer Expert
  • Azure Security Engineer Associate
  • Azure Data Engineer Associate
  • Azure AI Engineer Associate
  • Azure Data Scientist Associate
  • Azure IoT Developer
  • Azure Architect for SAP Workloads

Which Azure Certification should I do first?

Azure Certification

With so many different certification options available, it can be hard to know which Microsoft Azure Certification is the best option for you. It is crucial that you choose a level of Certification that matches your level of existing experience and skills. It can be tempting to try and gain Certification at a higher level from the start, but this could end up causing you some issues if you don’t have the necessary knowledge required to complete the Certification. 

Where do I take a Microsoft Azure Certification exam? 

The great thing about achieving your Microsoft Azure Certification is that you can do it from home. Online study programs and examinations to help you get your Microsoft Azure Certification are widely available, and even the exams can be taken online in the comfort of your own home.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a Microsoft certified Azure specialist?

Here are some examples of the main roles and responsibilities that a Certified Microsoft Azure specialist performs:

  • Creating cloud solutions that solve pain points and meet the business’s needs.
  • Developing and implementing reliable cloud solutions.
  • Scaling cloud solutions to match the business’s changing needs.
  • Backing up data and ensuring that it can be accessed when needed.
  • Securing cloud solutions so that only authorized personnel can access them.
  • Monitor and maintain the cloud to ensure that everything is working efficiently.

What is a Microsoft Certified Azure specialist’s salary? 

Microsoft Azure Certification salary increases are a common benefit of achieving your Certification. Typically, successfully completing the MS Azure Certification Path can increase your salary by up to 20%. 

Your actual salary will depend on the level of Certification that you achieve, and the size of the organization that you work for. The more specialist your skills are, the more companies will be willing to pay for them using services such as will give you a more in-depth understanding of how much you can expect to earn. Using the platform will also enable you to connect with businesses looking for Microsoft Azure specialists just like you.

If you are hoping to build a successful career in the world of cloud computing,gaining your Microsoft Azure Certification will get your career off to a strong start. The Certification proves that you have the skills and knowledge required to work competently on this platform.


Do you need to start with the Fundamentals Certification?

 It is not necessary to complete the Fundamentals Certification first. Still, it is often beneficial to gain the Fundamentals Certification so that you have a strong foundation of Microsoft Azure knowledge to progress onto the more challenging levels of the Certification.

Can I complete my Microsoft Azure Certification from home?

Yes,it is possible to complete your Microsoft Azure Certification at home. The certification courses and exams are available online for you to study in your own time.

Will achieving Microsft Azure Certification help boost my career?

Gaining your Microsoft Azure Certification will help to give you the edge over other candidates when applying for jobs, Achieving your Certification will benefit you many times through your career. It could even improve your chances of receiving a promotion. Microsoft Azure is continuing to grow in popularity,which means that demand for employees with Microsoft Azure specialists will also continue. 

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Microsoft Azure is big news in the world of cloud computing
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