Meraki SD-WAN Engineer

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Meraki SD-WAN Engineer

As professional IT network specialists, Meraki SD-Wan Engineers are most often employed to carry out the design and implementation of SD-Wan networks for enterprise-level organizations.

Network engineers are in high demand, and the more specific your skillset, the better work opportunities that might be available for you. Meraki SD-Wan Engineers often work with clients to highlight the benefits of the platform, design and plan a configuration, and implement the network throughout the organization. At other times, they may be part of an internal IT team, helping to optimize existing Wide Area Network systems.

Job Description

The primary role of the Meraki SD-Wan Engineer usually revolves around the design and implementation of Meraki SD-Wan configurations for Wide Area Networks. However, it may also involve customer-facing duties, such as being the technical expert in the room amongst a sales team for an SD-Wan service provider, offering advice, and working to improve existing networks.

Although relatively new, Meraki SD-Wan is quickly growing popular as a means of streamlining large networks and offering centralized control of an entire network. For those who seek engaging work in high-skilled, enterprise-level environments, it can be a very lucrative career choice.

Meraki SD-Wan Engineers have the Following Essential Responsibilities

Help create and install Meraki SD-Wan configurations
Working with a sales team to perform demonstrations of the system
Educating clients on the strengths of Meraki SD-Wan
Optimizing existing networks with internal IT teams
Providing ongoing support such as troubleshooting security, switching, and other issues

Educational Requirements and Career Outlook

As standard, a Meraki SD-Wan Engineer should have at least a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Technology, Networking and IT Security, or other relevant fields.

Other requirements that might be expected of you include past experience of working with networking and WAN technologies and experience with Cloud technologies. Naturally, an ability to demonstrate expertise with Meraki-SD Wan is essential, but since working directly with clients can be a frequent part of the job, customer-facing experience can help, too.

There’s an increasing demand for Network Engineers (like Meraki-SD Wan Engineers) with an increase in roles of 6% expected by 2026, according to the US Bureau of Labor.


Alongside the educational requirements, certain certifications are often expected for Meraki-SD Wan Engineers. Which are required and which are only preferred can differ from place to place, but her are some that are worth further looking into:



Network Engineers such as Meraki SD-WAN engineers make an average of $71,399 per year when working full-time, according to Payscale. Besides full-time in-house roles, freelancing can be just lucrative, with many teams looking to incorporate Meraki SD-Wan specialists to provide their services to a growing marketing in enterprise-level business.

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Meraki SD-WAN Engineer
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