Linux Foundation Certified Engineer

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Linux Foundation Certified Engineer

The Linux Foundation Certified Engineer (LFCE) is the subject matter expert for the next generation of system engineering professionals. They are involved in the repairing, maintenance and designing of Linux based enterprise network solution to the organization.

The Linux Certified Engineers helps to design a network that accelerates open system architecture technology development and commercial acceptance for the IT organization.

Engineers are mostly focused on programming infrastructure management, by migrating infrastructure to code, using configuration management tools, and building scalable cloud infrastructure.

Job Responsibilities

The Linux Certified Engineers ensures the network of an organization is up to date and is secured on the Linux platform. IT professionals participate considerable time learning about server computing for everything from installation, configuration, maintenance and virtualization to application support, among other things.

Various IT professionals are working with and nearby Linux operating systems regularly, along with Windows and different UNIX OS brands as well.

Linux Certified engineers should monitor, tune, and update operating systems to provide the required functionality and security. Linux Engineers install new software releases, system upgrades, evaluates and installs patches and resolves software related problems. Engineers maintain data files and monitors system configuration to ensure data integrity.

By standards and project requirements, they install new or existing servers and configures hardware (including virtual systems), peripherals, services, settings, directories, and storage.

They should use Linux system during the recovery process for the file recovery process.


In order to be a Linux certified engineer, you will need to have an essential degree in computer science, networking and related areas along with the experience in a Linux design and implement them to application areas. The Linux Foundation Certified Engineer (LFCE) is the best certification for the Linux engineer with a minimum of three to five years of Linux experience.

The system administrator is the initial path for the trained professionals to get on to the next level of engineers.


The Linux Foundation Certified Engineer is considered to be one of the ideal certifications for the engineers from Linux background. They should have at least three to five years of operating in a Linux environment. It is designed for the professional looking to validate an advanced level of skill set to support for elevation or to secure the advanced responsibilities by the professionals.

The assessment is performance-based on the knowledge-line and comprises things simulating on-the-job situations facing with the stakeholders or client.

The Linux Foundation Certified Engineers are accountable for the strategy and application of system design. The Certified engineers run an escalation pathway and assist as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for the subsequent group of system engineers and including administration specialists.

Linux is one of the top operating systems for web servers, cloud computing, smartphones, and consumer electronics. As Linux is rising so swiftly, there is a lack of experienced Linux professionals in the marketplace. Hence, has come in place which offers the best platform for the existing certified Linux engineers. They can leverage their skills and rich experience in an on-demand workforce platform for any given client.


When it comes to Linux Foundation, it is the non-profit group that holds the Linux development and employs Linux creator and hosts (source of Linux kernel data is published). The Linux Foundation has the only performance-based accreditations in the marketplace. You can get relevant updates which help in the assessment of skill level.


As per Paysa the average salary for Linux Foundation Certified Engineer (LFCE) is around $119,287 per year depending upon the experience in the United States. Part-time work can often be an excellent option for boosting your career and available opportunities. In the Telecommunication world, Top Freelance Marketplaces such as provides unique opportunities for Linux Foundation Certified Engineer (LFCE).

Linux has been growing faster than any other platform in the times gone by of computing. However, the supply of skilled staff just isn't keeping up with the pace. The recent survey specially made by the Linux Foundation in which it says that 93 percent of IT bosses expressed that they were watching for Linux ability, yet 90 percent believed it was difficult to get qualified professionals.

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