Level 2 PC Technician

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A PC Technician installs, maintains, and upgrades hardware and software of an entire organization’s computer systems. The individual, moreover, also supports servers and networking equipment in that environment. Working under general supervision.

When necessary, they escalate problems by following proper policies and procedures. Technicians act as intermediaries between clients and their organization’s support staff for guaranteeing problem explanations precisely and also to keep communicating with clients during the process of problem resolution. They need to document records of problems and their troubleshooting precisely and punctually.

Because of the nature of the job, technicians would need to work flexible hours and perform other related tasks when the need for computer support arises. They also set up systems for new employees.

Level 2 PC Technician should be able to multi-task and work on projects until they are complete. Furthermore, they need to have experience in using communications and network diagnostic equipment, excellent interpersonal skills, ability to explain technical concepts to people from non-technical backgrounds, aptitude to understand and follow standard operating procedures, and being able to perform under trying circumstances.
Most common problems that users face and technicians have to solve are as following: slowing down of computers and freezing, driver issues which cause peripherals, such as keyboards, printers, and other peripherals not functioning properly, slowing of internet speed, app commands not responding, slow download speeds, attachments not opening, pop-up ads appearing, corrupted files, system shutting down abruptly, and computer screen is jumbled, among others.
Computer Technicians II, as they are also referred to, resolve these issues promptly and guide all end users.  
They will provide first tier and backup support for an organization or a client’s employees. Technicians must keep themselves updated with the latest developments on the technology front, as they must be able to act when new and unexpected events occur.

Finally, to resolve all problems, they must have strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

Job Description

Level 2 PC Technician configure, troubleshoot, and monitor the functioning of personal computers and server systems, undertake pre-emptive maintenance on telecommunication equipment, escalate issues which are unresolved, aid other teams in supporting different operating systems, besides Wide Area Network (WAN) and Local Area Network (LAN), and respond to phone calls, messages and e-mails relating to system issues or hardware problems.

Their duties also include keeping abreast of equipment and hardware contracts, deploying products quickly to address crucial business needs of an organization, providing help with network issues, working along with other members of the IT team to install new software, providing assistance in maintaining inventory of peripheral devices of all systems, creating documentation of computer hardware issues and troubleshooting, and having comprehensive knowledge of one of the latest versions of operating systems, such as Windows or macOS or UNIX/Linux.  

They identify training available to improve IT support to clients and personnel, analyze and update documentation for help desk as allotted. Technicians assess and recommend changes to policy and procedures and hardware and software to the chief information officer (CIO). They collect and enter data for planning, regular reporting, assessing, and decision-making. Technicians test and oversee hardware, software, and other related equipment to analyze, use, and know the efficacy and suitability of a product for end users. It is their responsibility to maintain and guarantee data secrecy.

They use all the resources that are available in an organization to carry out an assessment of computer systems so that they can isolate the types of problems and accordingly render technical support.

Technicians perform troubleshooting for hardware issues of desktop/laptop users, network printers, Ethernet, Wi-Fi connections and computers administration.

Technicians need to have extensive knowledge of operating systems and computer hardware and peripherals. They also need to know how networking systems work.

They have to make recommendations so that systems can function in a faster, dependable, and more secure manner. They make use of help desk to gather tickets raised by end users for problems by monitoring and tracking them.

Future outlook for PC Technicians II

Future outlook for PC Technicians II

PC Technicians II will be needed in all types of organizations, be they large or small. If they improve their educational qualifications and gain adequate experience, opportunities open up for them to take up executive or managerial positions.

According to BLS, jobs for PC support specialists would grow 11 percent during the period 2016-2026.

They should be conversant with a wide range of networking concepts, servers and storage systems. Technicians should be familiar with IP protocols, such as TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS, and Active Directory. It would be helpful if they have experience working with VPNs.      

Educational Qualifications and Other Requirements

Level 2 PC Technician must have a high school diploma and at least two years of experience in handling PCs/laptops and telecommunication equipment. If they have CompTIA certifications in A +, Network + or Security +, it would be beneficial.

Earnings of PC Technicians II

The annual average salary of a PC Technician in the United States is $34,751. Meanwhile, the median average pay per hour is $22.16, according to payscale.com

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