Juniper SDN Cloud Engineer

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Juniper SDN Cloud Engineers are professionals who design and implement various components in Contrail’s SDN controller and do so in a fast-paced environment. Engineers must have technical competence, and they must be capable of creating functional specifications, design documents, and other similar documents. They must also closely collaborate with product managers and other members of senior management.

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Juniper SDN Cloud Engineer Job Description

The primary function of Juniper SDN Cloud Engineers is to investigate various designs of front-end customer solutions and to explore their unique requirements. Additional responsibilities include:

  • To conduct functional and unit testing, and to automate this when required
  • To document functional specifications and technical designs
  • To assess and understand open source technologies
  • To experiment with open source technologies and to incorporate features of them
  • To ensure that work is completed on time and to manage customer experiences
  • To work with infrastructure-as-a-service platforms such as OpenStack, vSphere, and others
  • To have working experience with C++ and Python and be familiar with object-oriented concepts
  • To provide any technical assistance necessary for building distributed systems, preferably with open source technologies
  • To have strong understandings of new technologies such as Software-Defined Networking and Network Functions Virtualization
  • To investigate Linux-based development and networking
  • To manage the design requirements of front-end customer solutions and to examine their unique requirements
  • To create and develop any necessary capabilities that will support solution designs
  • To play an active part in influencing product evolution, and to coordinate with senior management
  • To design and implement various features in a fast-paced environment
  • To understand multiple brands of cloud architectures, virtualization, and implementation technologies
  • To manage the development of distributed systems and networking domains within the organization
  • To assist in the development of carrier-grade capabilities, HA, and high packet performance

Educational and Other Requirements for Juniper SDN Cloud Engineers

Juniper SDN Cloud Engineers must have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or a related discipline. Some organizations seek candidates who have a Master’s degree in a specific specialization. Prior work experience is an advantage.

Useful certifications for Juniper SDN Cloud Engineers:

Juniper Network Certified Internet Associate-Cloud (JNCIA-CLOUD)

This certification is intended for networking professionals, and it provides them introductory-level knowledge of Juniper Networks cloud-based networking architectures.

Juniper Networks Certified Specialist-Cloud (JNCIS-CLOUD)

This certification bestows intermediate knowledge of software-defined networking.

Juniper SDN Cloud Engineer Salary

According to, the national average salary of Juniper SDN Cloud Engineers is $95,000 in the United States. The average wage of Juniper SDN Cloud Engineers in Washington, DC is $89,259.

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