Juniper Networks Certified Expert Security

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Juniper Networks Certified Expert Security


The Juniper Networks Certified Expert Security (JNCES) is aimed to authorize the networking experts’ ability to deploy, implement, manage and fix JUNOS-based security platforms. The Juniper certified security professionals have the capability to deploy manage, configure and troubleshoot the junos for the businesses.

The expert with Juniper Networks security certification supports enterprises shape high-performance networks by giving network security solutions, services along with the operating system, Junos.

Most of the bigger companies rely on the juniper certified expert for their network security like banks, stock exchanges, government agencies, telecom, IT and more.

The network plays a dominant role in addressing the critical challenges we face as a global community

Job Description & Responsibilities

The experienced networking professionals have the following responsibilities for securing the networks from malware:

  • To execute the analysis of log files from various sources like network traffic logs, firewall logs, intrusion detection system logs, domain name system -DNS logs and more to identify possible threats to network security
  • To collect network intrusion details from domains, uniform resource identifiers (URIs), and should be able to use exposed data to enable moderation of potential threats
  • To analyze known malicious network action to find effects on system security information
  • To identify and document network based procedures, techniques, and ways used by an attacker to get unauthorized computer access
  • To do real-time intrusion correlation and tracking, threat analysis, on incident outcomes for appropriate strategy planning
  • To create and distribute technical reports in response to the performed analysis
  • To support the development and maintenances  of  standard security SOPs for the business
  • To participate in the security vendor community of interest analysis groups for discussing the technical briefings and exchanges
  • To evaluate network topology and technique of configurations, to identify the critical security worries and to provide the best-followed practices

Apart from the above, they should have experience in implementing the robust security platform configuration and troubleshooting procedures in accordance with the organizational procedure.

Education & Certification

To be successful in this field, you will need to have an essential degree in computer science, IT, network technologies or a related field. A certification will add value to you as a professional.

There are several certifications which are beneficial for present analysts engaged with ongoing training as well as for other security specialists looking to become security analysts.

Job Outlook

A Juniper Networks certification can make you stand out from noncertified peers and gives career growth opportunities, along with greater insight into Juniper Networks' products and services and benefit your consumers. Thus, those who work – or aim to work – in Juniper-based networking settings will find their accreditations beneficial for career development and enhancement.

Troubleshooting skills are essential for network security experts.  



As per Payscale, the average salary of Juniper Network security certified professionals is around $81K per annum and ranges up to lakh or more depending on experiences in the United States. However, freelance work can also be rewarding and beneficial towards progressing your career.

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