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JNCIP-SEC (Juniper Networks Certified Internet Professional Security) is responsible for installing NSClient++ and manage the local process of Windows via E-mail. The professionals will have in-depth knowledge of Juniper Networks Junos OS for SRX Series devices. They should have understanding of advanced security technologies and related platform configuration and troubleshooting skills. The freelance JNCIP-SEC certified professional is responsible for Text Output from the Plug-in. They will take care of the Flapping Service Detection and must know when to schedule the notifications. The freelance professional monitors the activities from Remote Nagios Server. They play an active role in setting up the NRPE.

Job Description & Responsibilities

Juniper Networks Certified Internet Professional-Security personnel knows how to handle Network Security and Network Monitoring Tools. The certified professionals will install the Nagios and have a better understanding of the Nagios dependencies. The JNCIP-SEC professional plays an active role in the Plug-in and Add-ons. They look into the requirements of a system and also configure the CGI.

The certified professional takes care of the Xinetd Modification for NRPE. They monitor the network devices and keep track of the check scheduling. The professionals will have an in-depth understanding of the Hostgroup and Servicegroup. They are responsible for the plug-in return codes. They also take care of the event handlers and handles the notifications.

Juniper Networks Certified Internet professional-security expert has a good understanding of user firewall and layer 2 security. They will be well-versed with application-aware security services, unified threat management, and intrusion prevention system. They will handle any issues related to logging, reporting and sky ATP. The professionals will also look into Software Defined Secure Networks (SDSN).

Educational Qualification & Additional Skills

The Juniper Networks Certified Internet Professional-Security expert must finish higher secondary education. The JNCIP- SEC expert should have a degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or any related courses. Some organizations opt for candidates with relevant and prior work experience, whereas some businesses hire candidates with no experience but with a master’s degree or a specialization related to security.

Useful Certification

Juniper Networks Certified Internet Professional Security

The Juniper Networks Certified Internet Professional Security certification provides the candidate with good knowledge of Juniper Networks Junos software for SRX Series devices. The certification validates the skills to understand advanced security technologies. It offers the necessary troubleshooting skills related to various platform configurations.

Useful Certification


The Indeed salary estimate states that Juniper Networks Certified Internet Professional- Security personnel salary ranges from approximately $66,980 per year for Network Administrator to $87,743 per year for Network Engineer.

Job Outlook

Right experience and Juniper certifications can help you find good opportunities. Professionals with above five years of experience are in high demand in the market. According to Business news daily, more than 2,500 pop up on job portal sites, such as Simplyhired when searching for Juniper Networks

Advantages of Freelancing in this Career

Freelance Juniper Networks Certified Internet Professional Security expert will have the advantage of working remotely. Freelance professionals can pick and choose the projects that suit their requirements. They will also have the advantage of price negotiation and other things.

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