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In a world run on technology, IT specialist is one technician who is needed at every organization. They cater to the technical needs of the employees. The main areas of focus are implementation, monitoring and maintenance of IT systems. These professionals specialize in the field of network analysis, system administration, security and information assurance, IT audit, database administration and web administration.

Usually, companies hire IT specialist to solve technical problems such as computer software, hardware, networks, Cloud platforms, etc. Many of them often work from the central office, in some cases, these professionals also work out of office.

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IT Specialist Job Description

An IT support specialist must be always available to offer the necessary support to the employees. It can be both internal and external assistance, however, apart from the regular reviews and supervision, there are particular roles and responsibilities that they come under their job purview. Here are some important one’s that needs to be considered:

24/7 Support

One of the most important duties is to provide all the necessary assistance to the users. It can be hardware issues related to desktop, computer and printers or software assistance in regard to installation and updating of software. The technicians should keep track of all the IT related issues in the organization. Having good communication skills is an added advantage.

Update the systems

The professionals should keep track of the smooth functioning of the systems. They should be updated time to time with new components and other necessary features. The purchasing of new software and hardware is also their responsibility within the estimated budget.

Keep track of data

IT specialist must keep track of all the organization data that includes internal and external information. They should oversee the maintaining, backing up and securing databases, as well as restoring files as needed.


An IT support specialist must be updated with the latest developments and trends in the industry. They should be technically-savvy and should be able to resolve all the technical difficulties. The core skills that employees should possess are as follows:

  • Good knowledge on information technologies and systems.
  • Should be able to coordinate at multiple-levels and provide great customer service.
  • Must take care of all the IT related issues.

Additional skills:

Apart from these, there are some additional skills that can give you an edge over the other job applicants. These skills will help you broaden your career options as well.

  • Exposure to technical writing.
  • Hardware and software certification.
  • Program certifications such as, Cisco and Microsoft Windows.

Educational background

The interested candidate should have 2-years associate degree or 4-years bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Technical courses in software and hardware installation, operating systems, spreadsheet applications, troubleshooting, networking and advanced database manipulation will be advantageous as they provide great exposure to the candidate.

IT specialist salary

The average salary is $73,296 per year in the United States.  About 12,890 employees submitted the information to Indeed. The data has been collected over the past 36 months. The work tenure of the participants is between 2-4 years.

Career outlook

As per the US, Bureau of Labour Statistics(BLS), IT specialists can hope for about 12 per cent rise in the job opportunities. For the next five years it is expected to be a good career choice to pursue. The number of jobs opportunities seem to be a rise.

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