IT Security Coordinator

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IT Security Coordinator

Also known as Information Security Analysts, an IT Security Coordinator is responsible for protecting the organization’s computer systems and networks. The professional must put in place the security measures to ensure the safeguarding of clients or company data from unauthorized access, theft, and misuse. They also should work in coordination with the IT department and look into breaches of IT security.

Usually, the IT Security Coordinator takes care of wide range or threats to electronic information. They handle any issues related to illegal hacking, viruses, spyware and Trojans and other security requirements. The professionals play an active role in creating IT domain specific policies, configurations and standards. It is their responsibility to identify the security design gaps in existing and proposed architectures.

The security officer should research about security enhancements and come up with effective solutions for improvement. They have to validate the safety and security of new systems before implementing them. The professionals have to execute the penetration test for a variety of technologies such as web application, mobile and infrastructure. It is essential for them to stay updated on information technology trends and security standards.

They must develop and implement various policies to keep the organization’s data confidential. By erecting firewalls and encrypting data transmissions, they secure the information, while it is received or transmitted.

Job Description

They mainly focus on three main areas: risk assessment, vulnerability assessment, and defense planning. Through these areas, they try to identify the issues, determine the organization’s weakness, and install protections. It is them who work towards promoting security awareness by improving the network security and their efficiency.

Apart from looking into the security issues, they also keep a record of the tests, procedures, and emergency policies to ensure that they have a crucial role to play. It is essential to have good knowledge about the security legal requirements as they keep changing from time to time.

The IT Security Coordinator will have evaluate risks to systems and come up with solutions to minimize the potential threats. They are responsible to design new security systems and should keep updating the existing ones. The professionals should assist in examining and assessing the security products. They have to plan for disaster recovery during any of the security breaches.

They have to prepare timely reports of computer viruses. They should be quick to decide which software update is suitable for the computer system. It is their responsibility to conduct training programs concerning company security and information safeguard. The professionals also get to maintain and modify the computer security files to add or incorporate new things or correct factual errors.

Usually, the technician creates action plans to avoid any malicious or inadvertent use of data. In cases of an emergency, they should keep the users updated on security measures to monitor and access the data. The professionals are responsible for tasks, such as having virus protection in place and creating security awareness about the cybersecurity. They should also look into the risk of data exposure and must ensure that the security measures are in place.

As a part of an IT Security Coordinator Job, they should also serve as experts on application development projects. They must play an active role in preparing the organization to face all kinds of data threats caused by severe weather, maintaining power to servers in case of a local outage, and planning for continuing operations at alternate sites in case the main operations site needs to be shut down.

Educational Qualification

Employers usually prefer candidates with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, electronics, and telecommunications or network engineering. They look for someone who has some relevant knowledge in network, system administration, and programming. Candidates can also go for a master’s program to have better chances of landing a job.

IT Security Coordinator Educational Qualification


  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).
  • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM).
  • CompTIA Security+.
  • SANS GIAC Security Essentials (GSEC).

Salary & Job Outlook

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median average IT Security Coordinator salary is $95,510 per year in the United States. It states that the least the employees get is $55,560, while the highest is $153,090. The average salary as per Sukanu , is $92,296, while the average hourly wage is $44.37. The Indeed salary estimate states that on an average IT Security Coordinator salary ranges from approximately $43,781 per year for Program Coordinator to $81,241 per year for Information Security Analyst. According to BLS, the job opportunities will witness an increase of 28 percent from 2016 to 2026.

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