IT Data Center Specialists

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IT Data Center Specialists

IT Data Center Specialists monitor the installations, testing, and maintenance of all data center sites for the delivery of broadband, voice, and video services. They install, design, and maintain customer network equipment, access provider network equipment, and supporting functions related to telecommunications to meet the requirements of an organization. Technicians help other internal departments within an organization for installing hardware, cabling, and other assignments, including asset management.  

Specialists must possess extensive technical knowledge. They should have solid verbal and written communication skills. Specialists need to have adept analytical and problem-solving skills. In addition, they should be good at customer service. Technicians must be prepared to work in noisy environs and be able to lift equipment weighing up to 50 pounds. Finally, they should be prepared to put in flexible hours and must be, therefore, available at the beck and call.

Job Description

Specialists monitor and maintain existing equipment and install and test new equipment.  On a daily basis, they check traffic and operation monitoring systems. They are the first line of support for clients of applications, network services, and software.

Specialists evaluate equipment logs and see to it that there are no unresolved problems and issues. They get specifications ready for new equipment and monitor any modifications or upgrades to equipment.

Specialists monitor server centers and other centralized repositories of computer systems for the cloud, data, and IT-enabled companies. They have to see to it that networks are functioning uninterruptedly, the users are accessing data, and the speed of processing and power maintenance are efficient always.

Technicians perform basic hardware fixes, replacements, and upgrades, besides cabling and hardware installations and testing. They comply with and update user guides and documentation.

They interact with vendors for projects they manage, as they prepare projects for bidding, decide on vendors to contact and monitor projects in a manner that the organization’s requirements and specifications are satisfied. Specialists complete upgrades and changes with an objective that there is a minimum adverse effect on services, which need to be maintained at unconventional timings. They evaluate and oversee infrastructure capacity support for cooling elements and data center power.

Specialists provide input on requirements for the data center’s capacity. They assess/certify the power, cooling, space, and weight sizing requirements for new activities.

Technicians monitor activities, procedure, and utilization within the data center in order to maintain proper IT policies and to comply with the regulation. They interface with clients in commencing work orders for issues of data center facility, such as leaks, lights, etc.

Specialists help out in changes to power design to handle modifications in the data center infrastructure. They provide feedback of end users and take part in supporting administratively for tool suite of clients’ data center facilities.

IT Data Center Specialists


Job opportunities for computer support specialists are expected to increase 11 percent during the period 2016-2026, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Demand for them will increase more, as organizations upgrade their software and hardware.

Educational Qualifications and Other Requirements

Freelance IT Data Center Specialists must have a high school diploma or an equivalent. They should possess extensive knowledge of hardware, and competence in Linux and Windows operating system would be beneficial.


The average wage of a Data Center Specialist is $50,459 per year in the United States, according to Payscale. Professionals wanting to freelance will get about $21.58 per hour.

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