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What is an IMS Planning & Engineering Specialist?

IMS planning and engineering specialists are directly involved in capacity management solutions. They are given hands-on exposure to hardware equipment and will typically analyze, monitor and assess information in order to provide specialized solutions for a company’s network and enable the full value of worldwide connectivity.


IMS planning and engineering should also be capable of managing, controlling and predicting capacity performance testing. They should also be able to analyze the impact of network changes on capacity management. A large part of the job also includes reviewing capacity dependent trends and data to identify variances and offer solutions.

Qualifications & Skills

Candidates are expected to have a vast knowledge of networks and communication protocols. They should also possess a professional level of English and be able to engage with clients to participate in meetings with customers. They should also possess working experience with MTAS, CSCF, SBG, MRS, HSS, and IPWorks.

Job Outlook

IMS planning and engineering specialists will grow in demand thanks to their ability in analyzing information data and preparing and maintaining schedules and forecasts. With a growing percentage of mobile network traveling through Ericsson-based networks, IMS infrastructure solutions will become ever more important in the future.

However, working for a company full-time can restrict your choices. Due to the flexibility of an IMS planning and engineering specialist, it’s important to take advantage of the demand by considering the prospect of working freelance. This will provide you with many opportunities to work with several companies and take on multiple back-to-back jobs for more pay.

Pay Scale Range

IMS planning and engineering specialists can expect to earn between $50,000 and $79,000 depending on your expertise, experience, and employer. This is the salary for a full-time position, but can easily be scaled up by working freelance.

Freelancers are not limited by a salary ceiling and are capable of earning consistently more if they take on as many job opportunities as possible.

How Can Field Engineer Help?

Field Engineer offers a global marketplace of talented engineers from all across the world. As a freelancer, we welcome you to join our growing platform that provides visibility of your services to well-known global companies that are looking to establish an international presence or provide services to a global market.

As a freelancer, you’ll be able to accept more job opportunities from companies that are in need of your specialist services. It can offer you more paths to grow your career and is a flexible way of earning a salary with your skills in IMS planning and engineering.

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IMS Planning & Engineering - Ericsson
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