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What is ICND1, Benefits, and Certification?

ICND1 is a networking qualification and stands for Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1. The CISCO ICND1 certification is an entry-level exam and helps to develop a firm understanding of the fundamental concepts of networking. 

The ICND1 certification is a useful qualification to hold if you are interested in developing a career in the network administration sector.

ICND1 Certification 

To achieve ICND1 certification you will need to sit an exam. This CISCO qualification is achieved by passing the ICND1 exam. The exam consists of between 45 - 55 questions and is 90 minutes in duration The pass mark is typically 750 - 850 marks out of a possible 1000.

Topics covered in the ICND1 exam include; Network Fundamentals, LAN Switching Fundamentals, Routing Fundamentals, Infrastructure Services, and Infrastructure Services. 

If you have no prior networking experience, it may be wise to take the CompTIA Network+ examinations so that you can develop your knowledge before progressing on to the ICND1 certification exam.


If you are wondering whether the ICND1 certification is a Certified CISCO Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) certification, the answer is yes. Passing the ICND1 exam enables you to gain CCENT certification.

The CCENT certification is a relatively new certification that is now available for those looking to progress their career in the field of networking, and want to achieve an entry-level qualification. The ICND1 CCENT requires less detailed working knowledge than the CISCO Certified Network Association (CCNA) qualification, making it perfect for anyone starting a networking career.

ICND1 Job Description

Hoping to begin a career as a network administrator? With technology rapidly advancing and an increasingly competitive environment for businesses, the skills and knowledge of certified networking professionals are in demand. At Field Engineer, we can help you connect with employers that are looking for your specific knowledge and skills, enabling you to build a rewarding career as a network administrator.

A job description for a network administrator or network technician will often look for the following knowledge and skills; The ability to identify network problems, to know where common network problems often occur and have the skills required to take the steps needed to correct the cause of the problems; a solid understanding of the components of a wireless LAN; the ability to implement and to then manage a wireless LAN; the knowledge required to keep a wireless network secure.

The above elements are covered in the ICND1 exam, so achieving the CCENT certification will demonstrate the knowledge needed to perform networking roles, and will provide proof of your competence as a network administrator.

Is ICND1 Certification Worth it? 

Gaining a Cisco certification proves your networking knowledge and capabilities to future employers and can help to drive a career forward towards further success. 

The ICND1 certification is the perfect option for those that want to gain a CISCO networking qualification, but find the idea of taking the CCNA examination a little daunting. As the CCNA exam covers so much material in a lot of depth, the level of detail contained within the course may be both offputting and potentially unnecessary to your requirements at this stage in your career. If this is the case, the ICND1 certification should provide you with a strong foundation of knowledge that you can develop further in the future if you wish to take more exams. 

Achieving an ICND1 certification offers many benefits, and not only enhances your CV and makes you a more appealing candidate for networking roles, but will also help to further your knowledge and develop your confidence in your subject area.

As remote working continues to rise, business networks face increased demand, and the possibility for downtime, network glitches, and network security issues continues to grow. Network professionals are needed to meet this increased demand on networks and to keep businesses operating without network downtime and security breaches.


What further certifications can be achieved after passing the ICND1 CISCO certification?

You may choose to develop your qualifications further by studying for the ICND2 certification.

Is it easier to just study for the CCNA exam right away instead of the ICND1?

The CCNA certification requires in-depth knowledge and can be daunting for those that don’t have a strong fundamental knowledge of networking concepts. For many people, the ICND1 certification provides the knowledge they need for an entry-level networking position, and they then work from there.

How much does taking the ICND1 exam cost?

The ICND1 exam cost varies but is typically around $150 to $165.

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