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What is IC3 Certification, Benefits and Study Guide

Technology has become a key part of our everyday lives, and being able to understand or have a better knowledge of technology is important. The IC3 Digital Literacy Certification is a great place to start if you’re either planning a career in IT or wanting to become more effective when it comes to technology. It’s a world-wide benchmark used in order to gauge where a student is in terms of their knowledge of computer systems like the hardware to computer literacy. 

How to Get IC3 Certification?

When it comes to getting an IC3 certification, Certiport is responsible for the creation of it. They’re also responsible for many other certifications, hence why this seemed like a necessary thing for them to create. There are multiple IC3 certification exams that can be taken too, that focus on different standards and criteria. IC3 Spark, for example, is created with younger students in mind, even though the IC3 has been designed for high-school students. It’s important to distinguish which one is going to be the best for the individual looking to get certified. 

It’s worth looking at all the options available, whether it be IC3 Global Standard 6 or IC3 Fast Track. It all depends on what you require as the individual. Basic skills for using a computer is what will be tested during the exam. It’s not important though if you don’t have specifics of how computers work, but you want to know how to work with them. It’s not about knowing technical things that are very complex, but it’s more so, do you know how to install an application? To be able to pass, you’ll need to do a number of program installations, change system settings, and you’ll also have a number of different computing scenarios to solve.

What Are The Benefits If We Are Certified With IC3?

When it comes to the benefits of being certified with IC3, it’s apparent that many of those looking to hire individuals in the IT industry is going to pick someone that’s IC3 certified over someone who isn’t. Not only that but those who are certified with IC3 will often find themselves in the position of earning more of a salary than those without. Just like any type of job, the more qualifications and recognized accreditations that you have, the more valuable and sought-after you then become. 

The average income of professionals who have that IC3 certification is higher than the minimum wage and are around $15 on average per hour. Depending on your situation and location though, there’s a chance you could earn more. The IC3 is also going to strengthen your chances of getting a job and the number of qualifications, as mentioned before, counts towards your chances. Showing that you’ve gone out and actively got certifications, shows ambition and passion for a career in IT.

What Are The Benefits If We Are Certified With IC3?

Is IC3 Certification Worth it?

So is the IC3 certification really worth it? In a nutshell, yes. If you want to pursue a career in IT as a current student, then getting this certification is essential. It’s going to help you put yourself above the rest and to give yourself more of the chance needed to be successful. Having a professional certification can help with improving confidence and also with improving higher graduation rates amongst students. As our life revolves mainly around IT, it’s a skill you’ll need regardless of whether you’re exploring IT as a career or not.

An IC3 certification can often go beyond the workplace and can be something that has a positive impact in the home environment too. FieldEngineer helps to connect businesses with engineers within the IT industry, and having this certification can certainly help you in getting noticed.


What IC3 Exam is Right for Me?

It depends on your age and also what you require from the exam itself. The IC3 Fast Track, for example, is good for accessing the skills of incoming students or candidates for a job to simply get an understanding of what they can do. It’s worth checking them all out here and see which one is right for you.

How do I Prepare for the Exam?

There are lots of up-to-date learning materials to help students and employees alike to help prepare for their exam. Take a look on the Certiport website for more information.

Will an IC3 Certification Improve my Chances of Getting a Job?

It’s already been mentioned above that having the certification is better than not having it at all and so it’s certainly worth having if you can get it to improve your career prospects.

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