IBM Certified SOA Solution Designer

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An IBM Certified SOA Solution Designer is responsible for designing SOA solutions. This professional deals with SOA application components and business integration solutions. They must articulate the value of SOA in the context of business strategy and should identify and record current processes and infrastructure related to the business requirements. 

The certified professional should evaluate and explain client requirements for the flexibility and agility of the business process. They should have the ability to provide good business integration solutions. The certified expert can manage and govern business by using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) principles. The professional will integrate systems and provide end-to-end solutions with the help of SOA principles. 

Job Description

The IBM Certified SOA Solution Designer Job involves developing the end-to-end design of an SOA solution. They must have the ability to understand and interpret client requirements and provide service-focused software solutions using SOA principles. 

It is the responsibility of the IBM Certified SOA Solution Engineer to communicate the value of SOA in the perspective of the business strategy. The professional should be able to collect and assess the customer business requirements. They have to keep track of the documenting processes and infrastructure related issues. 

The professional must be able to organizationally and technically evaluate the client’s willingness for SOA. The certified expert should have a good understanding and technical expertise for the easy adoption of SOA and governance. They will determine the services and tasks depending on the business process model. 

It is their responsibility to initiate service definitions that fulfill both functional and non-functional requirements. They incorporate IBM SOA Foundation that facilitates greater interoperability and portability between applications. The professional should also have in-depth knowledge of IBM software portfolio that supports each stage of SOA life cycle which includes modelling, assembling, deploying and managing. They should also take into consideration the Reference Architectures. The designer will play an active role in creating the service integration environment. 

The professional has to develop a service-integration environment. The certified expert must have a good understanding of SOA design principles, patterns, and IBM methodologies for SOA design. They will use SOA Foundation’s products to gather requirements, identify services, model business processes, and realize SOA solutions. 

They must be capable of articulating and understanding the architectural design of SOA solutions. The IMB Certified SOA Solution Engineer will put to use existing best practices and technology standards for SOA and services design in the solution implementation. It is under their guidance and review for SOA implementation, deployment, and management. 

The professionals are usually self-sufficient and will take care of all the tasks involved in the role with limited assistance from peers, product documentation and vendor support services. 

Educational Qualifications

An IBM Certified SOA Solution Engineer must have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Telecommunications, or other related fields. The candidate with prior work experience can also hired by the organizations seeking them. Some employers will look for individuals with a master’ degree or certain specialization in SOA technologies. 


The IBM certification is designed to certify the individual’s skills to understand and interpret the client’s requirements. The individual will be able to create business process flexibility and quickness into the service-focused software solution using Service-Oriented Architecture principles. 


According to on an average the IBM Certified SOA Solution Engineer Salary is $118K annually in the United States. As per Indeed salary estimate, on average the IBM Certified SOA Solution Engineer salary is approximately $100,045 per year for System Engineer. 

Career Opportunities

With more organizations adopting SOA, they are gearing up to step into the changing world of mobile, social, cloud, and big data. The IBM Certified SOA Solution Engineer has a crucial role to play now and in the foreseeable future. Many avenues would open up for the professionals who pursue this career.

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