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What Does a Field Technician Do?

Field technicians are field service professionals who attend to the installation, maintenance, and repair of a wide variety of applications and equipment for both home and business uses. The attendance of a field technician is vital for everything from the ability to run a landline to the use of the internet through routers.

Field Technician Responsibilities

While mechanical matters such as line installation form the most of a field technician’s job, that’s not where their responsibilities end. A field technician’s job is ongoing in the form of both maintenance and repair. As such, forming a working relationship with every customer is vital.

It’s also a field technician’s responsibility to prepare everything from maintenance records to warranty contracts for each job. In many cases, it also falls to a field technician to train customers in essential technical management for the ongoing maintenance of their installations.

Qualifications and Skills

Qualifications and Skills

As can be seen on (1), a high-school diploma is the highest formal qualification necessary for a field technician. But, some essential skills are required for individuals embarking on this career choice, including -

  • Mechanical skills
  • Analytical thinking
  • Basic computer skills
  • Knowledge of heavy equipment
  • Customer service skills
  • Ability to troubleshoot
  • High levels of physical fitness

Primarily, training takes place on the job, though machinery certification can help the standing of field technicians, especially within freelance positions.

The Job Outlook for Field Technicians

The Job outlook for field technicians is incredibly positive. Technology has already become an essential aspect of home and business, and that’s set to increase as more individuals embark on things like remote work and advanced internet capabilities.

When approached with a professional attitude, freelance technician work is an especially good option. Working this way frees professionals to control jobs they accept, as well as impacting how much work they take on. This can aid customer-technician relationships, as well as ensuring field technician work is financially viable.

Pay Rates for Field Technicians

Due to the need for mechanical skills and equipment, field technicians working on a full-time basis charge between $14.18 - $29.14 per hour. This adds up to an excellent annual estimate of $31,122 - $68,755, according to PayScale (2).

Working on a freelance basis, however, is a slightly different matter. For one, freelance field service professionals can dictate their pay rate and the number of jobs they accept. As such, a freelance field technician could earn even more than someone working full-time within the industry.

How Field Engineer Helps Businesses and Technicians

Field Engineer is a freelance marketplace which offers field service professionals and companies the chance to post and browse jobs. By signing up, freelance field technicians can become part of a global talent pool where they’ll have access to jobs from providers like Ericsson (3), as well as gaining interest from companies they mightn’t have reached otherwise.

If you’re a freelance field service professional looking to save yourself time and money, then, you could benefit from your signing up to Field Engineer today.

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