FatPipe SD-WAN Engineer

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What is FatPipe SD-WAN Engineer?

Is it time for you to become a professional FatPipe SD-WAN Engineer? It’s definitely a career option that more people are considering as the FatPipe platform grows in popularity and use. There are plenty of freelance working opportunities out there as a result of that fact.

The platform is brand new and it makes it easy to manage complex SD-WAN operations, providing a complete package for users. It has a strong interface that makes life easier for users. So if this is a software platform you’re familiar with and you have an SD-WAN background, it could be the career path for you.

Job Description & Responsibilities

This FatPipe SD-WAN Engineer job description will tell you what the job involves so you can make a more informed decision regarding your next career steps. FatPipe’s platform is designed to offer simplified management, easier provisioning and operation. Engineers are responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting the software when a company requires that kind of work.

It might be when something goes wrong or it could simply be a case of improving a company’s use of the FatPipe platform and making it more efficient. The FatPipe SD-WAN Engineer responsibilities you’ll have will include managing, checking, maintaining and fixing issues, among others.

Want to know how Software Defined Wan (SD-WWA) can help your business?

Required Qualifications & Skills

If you want to become a FatPipe SD-WAN Engineer, you need a technical background and a qualification that’s at least at the Bachelor level. Some roles will require you to have a masters degree but that’s not the norm. In some cases, existing professional experience will be enough if you don’t have a qualification

FatPipe SD-WAN Engineer Skills are just as important as qualifications for many people. A solid technical foundation, a good understanding of SD-WAN and why this new technological approach is taking the world by storm and familiarity and understanding of the FatPipe platform are all essential.

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Helpful Certifications

There are certifications in the industry that can help you prove to employers that you're trained and skilled enough to work with certain platforms and software. There are lots of certifications out there and they can be useful as you set out on this career path.

It’s worth doing some research on this and finding the certifications that might help you best. At the moment, there is not a FatPipe certification that you can get, however.

Future Outlook in this Job

With FatPipe currently proving a real hit with all kinds of businesses, getting into this kind of work and proving your competence as a FatPipe SD-WAN engineer is certainly a good idea right now. There are lots of opportunities out there because these kinds of specialists are in demand.

The company is proving itself to businesses around the world and the platform is genuinely helping many businesses to improve their approach to technology, so there’s every reason to believe their platform and products will continue to rise in popularity. And that can only be a good thing for FatPipe SD-WAN Engineers.


Obviously, you want to understand what kind of money you can earn in this role before you really get started in it.

The average FatPipe SD-WAN Engineer Salary is around $70,000 per year, starting a little lower than that and rising as you gain experience. It’s a decent level of pay and there’s clear scope for growth as you learn and improve.

Why Freelancing is a Good Idea

FatPipe SD-WAN Engineer freelance jobs are relatively easy to come by if you have the right skills and qualifications in place. People require your expertise and they want to hire you if they know they can trust your abilities. So a full-time job is not your only option if you choose this career path.

Freelancing comes with its own challenges, but it gives you the freedom and flexibility over your career that you wouldn’t otherwise have. That’s definitely something to take into consideration when you’re deciding how you’re going to go about working as a FatPipe SD-WAN engineer.

Using FieldEngineer.com

When looking for FatPipe SD-WAN Engineer jobs, you should use FieldEngineer.com. It’s a platform designed to be used by freelancers who want easy ways to get in touch with companies and organizations that want to use the services they’re offering.

It makes it simple and straightforward to connect with the right employers, and the work you’ll do will be for businesses all over the world and that’s what makes the platform so effective. There’s no better way to find SD-WAN engineer work that’s so varied and abundant.

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