Dell SonicWall Technical Support Engineer

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A Dell SonicWall Technical Support Engineer provides security and data protection solutions to networks of clients and end users. The individuals research solutions and escalate difficult issues to senior engineers. They will succinctly explain technical solutions to non-technical people. The engineer also assists end users in deploying SonicWall network security products like VPN solutions and Firewall. They go through the SonicWall cyber threat reports identifying any threats.  

These engineers work in several industries, including healthcare and telecommunications. They look into technical issues, file reports concerning problems with products, help clients in finding solutions to problems, deal with orders for customers, and stay abreast with changes to products and all evolving technologies.

Technical support engineers respond promptly to phone calls and emails from customers and address their queries and apprehensions regarding SonicWall’s products and services, besides fixing their technical problems. They also solve issues that the other departments of their organization face.

This position requires an engineer to be accessible round-the-clock through phone, chat or emails. Because of the nature of this job, engineers should have excellent communication skills. They must present themselves as good team players with excellent documentation skills, as they will work with people from different geographies.

Dell SonicWall Technical Support Engineer Job Description:

Dell SonicWall Support Engineers must have the analytical skills to determine the right course of action to resolve issues, such as encrypted threats and ransomware attacks. They provide both team members and clients the status of the problems and the plan of action they will undertake. The position requires a customer-oriented mindset at all times.

Engineers need to observe network attacks and the latest vulnerabilities. Based on threat analysis, they devise intrusion prevention signatures (IPS) utilizing signature description languages.

Engineers fix and test Gateway AV engines and IPS on the firmware. They formulate different ways to improve Deep Packet Inspection engine.

Engineers establish analysis environment of malware and IPS for precise threats affecting different operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, and mobile, in a lab setting. They reverse engineer and diagnose new malware and vulnerability threats.

Engineers create tools to automate malware analysis and IPS tasks and provide test software and supervise laboratory environment to replicate attacks. They develop new technology to identify and foil zero-day attacks.

They will provide support remotely without any assistance. Engineers must create, maintain and keep up-to-date knowledge base documents for crucial enterprise technologies. Engineers will have to assist and guide their colleagues to improve their team members’ skills. They will research and share information on issue resolutions through regular team meetings with their team members.

SonicWall technical support engineers undertake systems administration on the latest operating systems. They assist the organization by detecting and fixing problems affecting client networks and servers. They also proactively communicate with the clients on behalf of their organizations for preventing cybercrime.

Engineers must possess demonstrable experience in configuring SonicWall hardware and software.

Engineers maintain reporting systems, such as security, server, network, and workstation level, by recording all of the instances. They provide exhaustive reports to management and technical specialists regarding system health. It is the job of engineers to take care of, upgrade, and execute new server and network technology for maintaining a high level of system productivity and systems accessibility. They research and assess evolving technological solutions to existing systems defects so that they can employ these solutions to develop future systems.

Engineers conceive, maintain, and fix image builds for servers. They install, configure, and enhance security scanning processes on the internal as well as the external network. Engineers also manage firewalls and other network components. They double up as systems administrators to information technology related systems and manage the systems related to their security.

Engineers are also responsible for designing and developing new attributes for Internet security products and solutions of SonicWall. They have to safeguard the architecture of the business security processes of their organization, including data security mechanisms and processes.

Engineers should have an in-depth understanding of topologies and technologies of LAN and WAN. They should have a thorough knowledge of routing, switching, network security basics, TCP/IP, IP subnetting, OSI Model, and fundamentals of IPV6.

They must have expertise in various technologies which their company or organization provides. These technologies may be specified as per each organization.

Finally, engineers will document best practices in IT for organizations relating to their workflow and business processes as critical internal resources.

Educational Qualifications of Dell SonicWall Technical Support Engineers:

Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering or similar disciplines alongside extensive experience with network protocols such as UDP and TCP/IP. They should have experience also with the IPS, NAT, IDS, and other related technologies.

Engineers must possess considerable knowledge of Agile Software Development Methodologies. Employers also prefer candidates with experience in virtualization infrastructure.

Job Prospects of Dell SonicWall Technical Support Engineers:

Since Dell SonicWall Technical Support Engineers job duties include the securing of networking infrastructures from SonicWall cyber threats, this position involves working with testing tools and technologies. They most often work in the quality assurance teams of organizations.

Dell SonicWall Technical Support Engineer Salary:

The salary for this position averages $107,661 per year in the United States, according to

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