Data Center Networking Specialist

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Data Center Networking Specialist


The Data Center Networking Specialist is a professional expert in the field of networking. They are engaged in performing design, develop, test and deploy new software capabilities within the Data Center Network. Datacenter networking is developing rapidly as companies get on digital advantages to transform their organizations. The IT management understands networking as crucial to realizing the potential of the new, high-performing applications at the soul of these enterprises.

Today’s industries depend on their network infrastructure in exclusively new ways, stimulating advanced data-center architectures- branded by excellent stability, performance, and accessibility—to arise. In addition to supporting programmability, the data-center networks assist extensive automation and function as the pillar of hybrid and private clouds system. However, none of this is possible without powerful data-center adjustments that are capable of responding to organizational requirements.

The data centers need progressively classy network infrastructure. Today’s data-center switches are anticipated not only to provide adequate ports and performance but also to function perfectly in virtualized and automated settings keeping in mind about its security and high accessibility.

Job Description & Responsibilities

The Data Center Networking Specialist is responsible for dealing with the strategy, design, and application of customer sponsored enterprise structure and data center services.  Their services may include telecom, data network, e-mail, file, directory, security, and PC and server operating systems along with hardware.

Following are the job responsibilities of a Data Center Networking Specialist

  • They should be expert in design and application of united networking solutions for consumers of  key data center technologies, i.e., Cisco UCS, VMWare virtualization and Cisco Nexus switching platforms along with good knowledge of SAN Switching
  • To provide an in-depth working understanding of total data center networking and combined fabric solutions
  • To develop a full understanding of Software Defined Networking (SDN) portfolio from top  brands like Cisco with ACI/OnePK, SDN solution deployments in DC networking, and private Cloud set-up
  • To grow low-level projects, application and conduct user acceptance tests for data center network solutions and assignments
  • To validate the skill and knowledge along with complete documentation of a networking plan, the system builds, outlines, acceptance testing, and high-level assistance
  • To fix software and hardware failures and categorizes network issues when they relate to personal systems in the data center
  • To provide procedural on-site maintenance and support for new and existing systems
  • To fix and coordinate installation of all system software and network hardware for the data center

Education & Certification

To be successful in this field, you will need to have an essential degree in computer science, IT, network technologies or a related field. A certification will add value to you as a professional.

There are several certifications which are beneficial for present specialist engaged with ongoing training. One of the important certifications is the Cisco Certified CCNP Data Center certification programs which are practical, relevant, job-ready certifications associated closely with the specific tasks expected of Data Center network expert.

Salary & Job Outlook

As per Glassdoor, the average salary of Data Center Networking Specialist is around $69,014 per annum and more depending on experiences in the United States.

Besides full-time in-house roles, freelancing can be just lucrative, with many teams looking to incorporate data center networking specialists to provide their services to growing marketing in enterprise-level business

Salary & Job Outlook

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