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What is a Data Center Engineer?

Data center engineers support a business’s data center, mainly working with servers and hardware infrastructure to ensure reliable backups. This service is vital for the day to day running of a business, from telecommunications to IT capabilities.

General responsibilities include maintenance, security, and running cables. A data center engineer also needs to be able to provide actionable advice to any queries which a business brings to them.

The Key Roles of a Data Center Engineer

Given that an entire business data center rests on the shoulders of its engineer, there’s a pretty extreme list of responsibilities in this role. The key factors include-

  • Scheduled preventative maintenance
  • Maintaining operating systems
  • Managing critical and non-critical processes
  • Documenting all records, including time sheets and warranty certificates
  • Analyzing for repairs
  • Guiding junior members within organizations
  • Managing recurring problems
  • Developing ideas to improve business operations
 Data Center Engineer

As can be seen from listings on sites like Ericsson, job-specific roles can also include duties like maintaining fiber-optic networks or water pumps.

Qualifications and Skills Vital to a Data Center Engineer

A bachelor’s in computer science or IT engineering is an absolute must-have for any data center engineer. Further opt-in qualifications such as the Cisco Certified Network Professional Data Center can also help with prospective opportunities, especially in the freelance market.

Necessary skills include extensive IT and troubleshooting knowledge. Organizational skills are also essential for keeping on top of maintenance.

What does the Future Look Like for Data Center Engineers?

The world of data centers is changing as Cloud computing comes to the fore, but the future still looks increasingly bright for engineers. According to Data Center Knowledge, 71% of businesses in their latest survey indicated a need to increase data center investment.

The future especially looks bright for freelancers here, with many companies cutting costs by outsourcing IT-based services like these. Freelancers who specialize in the latest Cloud capabilities certainly don’t need to worry about job retention anytime soon.

What pay rates can freelance data center engineers expect?

According to PayScale, the average annual salary for a data center engineer comes in at $67,590, with the highest full-time earners managing to make around $103,994.

While freelance positions don’t quite bring the safety of full-time employment options, it’s still possible to earn within that higher bracket this way. That’s because a freelance engineer can work within multiple data centers, often for a set monthly rate which provides a guaranteed fixed income. That’s especially likely if they sign up for an on-demand marketplace like Field Engineer.

We offer on-demand services which provide opportunities for both freelancers and companies seeking engineers. By using our personalized marketplace, you can both apply for and accept jobs with 100% transparency for as little as a 10% service fee. Our simple checkout process even ensures payment and makes money easier for you to manage.

It’s within any freelance data center engineer’s capabilities to earn as much as their full-time counterparts. Sign up today and let us show you how it’s possible.

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Data Center Engineer - Ericsson
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