CyberSecurity Operation Engineer

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A Cybersecurity Operation Engineer continuously monitors computer systems of an organization to detect the security and validity of its data. This individual implements safety measures to protect sensitive information and secured data of the organization from hackers. Engineers also shield networks and websites from cyber risks, including denial-of-service attacks, malware, adware, viruses, and other attacks.

They also assume responsibility as subject matter experts for cybersecurity within the organization.

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Cybersecurity Operation Engineer’s job description

Engineers apply and maintain security policies at the points of access to clients’ networks, such as the Internet, VPN, and connections of their business partners. They predict possible network security breaches and execute and document techniques for detecting violations of security policies. Engineers devise inventive solutions to foil the attempts of cybercriminals intent on stealing vital information.

Security Operation Engineers automate the evaluations of firewall records, besides formulating and documenting proper actions and communication channels on suspicion of breaches of network security. They also aid in devising, implementing, installing, managing, monitoring, and performing upgrading of various firewalls, such as Checkpoint, Juniper SRX, and Cisco ASA or PIX. Security engineers also resolve complex network issues.

They work alongside vendors regarding network access and security requirements, are the main points of contact to coordinate and carry out network security, and help in security measures concerning the growth and execution of secure applications and systems of clients. Engineers extend support for VPN systems via firewall policies and access controls and through the monitoring of client firewall records.

It is also their responsibility to evaluate existing and proposed network designs and to make suggestions as per client requirements. Engineers also carry out regular audits of new and current implementations so that they are complying with the security standards of clients in areas, such as networks, computing resources, and applications, among others.

Future of Cybersecurity Operation Engineers

Job opportunities for Cybersecurity Operation Engineers are estimated to grow 28 percent in the ten-year period of 2016-2026, which is more than the average for all occupations, according to BLS (US Bureau of Labor Statistics). The demand continues to be high because they would be required to come up with inventive solutions to foil the attempts of cybercriminals wanting to steal vital information and to prevent problems for networks.

Educational qualifications and other requirements for Cybersecurity Operation Engineers

Engineers should have a bachelor’s degree in network engineering, IT security or related disciplines along with certifications, such as CCNA or MCSE or other related ones.
They must be ready to work flexible hours.

Salary of a Cybersecurity Operation Engineer

The average annual wage of Cybersecurity Operation Engineers in the United States is $90,961, according to

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