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Configuration Management Engineer Job Description, Skills and Salary?

If you’re interested in finding out more when it comes to becoming a Configuration Management Engineer then don’t worry, you are definitely in the right place. 

Here at Field Engineer, we pride ourselves on our knowledge when it comes to every single one of roles we represent, so we want to share everything we know about starting a role as a Configuration Management Engineer with you. 

Below you will find further details when it comes to the role, the average salary and the skills and education that are required to begin your career. By covering frequently asked questions, we hope to answer any questions you may have right here. 

Configuration Management Engineer Job Description

A Configuration Management Engineer uses systems engineering to establish and maintain consistency of a product’s performance, as well as both it’s functional and physical attributes. To do this, they largely focus on the requirements, design and operational capacity through its lifetime. 

Widely used by military organisations in the past, configuration management is now also used within IT service management as well both civil engineering and other industrial engineering segments such as bridges, roads, dams, canals and buildings. 

What does a Configuration Management Engineer do? 

The roles and responsibilities of a Configuration Management Engineer include, but are not limited to: 

  • Creating and maintaining documentation for tools used to support configuration management. 
  • Monitoring all configuration management processes. 
  • Providing user support and troubleshooting issues with the relevant configuration management software.

Configuration Management Engineers must also produce detailed written overviews of any upcoming configuration management plans they may have. As they are incredibly complex systems, strong written and verbal communication skills are an absolute must for a configuration engineer, as this is the best possible way to avoid any potential misunderstandings. 

In most cases, the implementation of a configuration control board is also instrumental when it comes to bringing all software through the development and testing phases. Occasionally, CM Engineers may also find they have to train other staff members in the proper use of the configuration of the management tools that are in place, which means both creativity and strong problem-solving skills are also beneficial for those looking to start a career in this position.

What does a Configuration Management Engineer do? 


How do you become a Configuration Management Engineer? 

When it comes to starting a career in Configuration Management, work experience is required. This often means that for most, it’s not an entry-level job and usually, you will have had to have worked your way up from a position further down the line. Whether that’s in the same company or you’re moving on from your old role, the experience you have is the key to landing your dream role. Alongside experience, you may also find that a lot of companies will ask for an education in a related background. If you don’t have this, it’s something you should start working on right away if you want to be considered for a competitive role.

If you think you may need a little bit of assistance, here at Field Engineer can offer you advice and help you find the perfect role to suit your skills. 

What is the average Configuration Management Engineer Salary?

The average salary for a Configuration Management Engineer in the USA is $80,000 however, may vary depending on the level you’re working at and the company you work for. Lower tier roles range as low as $43,000 and higher roles can average around the $120,000 mark. 

What skills and education do you need?

As standard, A relevant bachelor's degree and a number of years of work experience in software configuration management are generally required for those looking to start a career in Configuration Management Engineering. In some cases, you may also find that advanced abilities in programmes like Unix and Linux are required alongside an in-depth understanding of Microsoft Office. 

In terms of hours, they’re pretty flexible so availability isn’t usually an issue, however, you are usually expected to work full-time. Travel time is minimal, although conferences and meetings are not to be ruled out, as these may require you to travel from time to time. 

Configuration Management Engineer Jobs

If you would like more information when it comes to becoming a Configuration Management Engineer or where to find available jobs, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team. Here at Field Engineer, we pride ourselves on our expert advice and after a quick chat, we will be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to the current job market.

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