The Computer Tape Librarian is an educated professional who maintains the data found on multiple magnetic tape devices, also called as back-ups. They oversee a classified library of magnetic tapes for data through verification, correction, labeling, and bar-coding. They also create a tape library report through the use of the computer terminal.

The librarian retrieves files from a server and archives them on tape back-ups. This technician remains the primary expert and first point-of-contact in reference to data disaster management. They perform the disaster recovery process with a dedicated data recovery process, under unexpected circumstances, at global locations.

In the data storage section, the librarian plays a vital role in creating and archiving essential data back-ups for organizations or individuals. Archived files stored on magnetic tapes rarely change which makes this a beneficial storage medium.

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The tape library is at times also known as a tape silo, a tape robot or tape jukebox. This technician manages the tape cartridges for a given slot, will bar-code it for easy reference. They also utilize automated methods for loading tapes through the robotic mechanism.

Typical examples of mass storage systems used for disaster recovery process include the IBM 3850 and AS400.

Job Description:

The librarian forms the backbone of organizations such as IT, Telecom and Datacenters. They are highly specialized in the maintaining, organizing, coordinating, cataloging and filing of archived data.

The primary responsibilities of the librarian include setting up the classification system for storage tapes which contains backed-up data. They need to be connected proactively to their IT department peers in case of a disaster alert.

Another essential duty encompasses making routine backups of large data at regular intervals. This assists the organization with a speedy recovery process during data disaster recovery management.

As an integral part of the organization, the librarian maintains an adequate inventory of magnetic tapes for the computer room and put controls on tapes in and out of the automated tape library system. They review day-to-day information processing production reports with tape-related production problems. As per organizational policy, they set up a master tape for vault storage.

They manage the storage of tapes and maintains logs as per classification and retention benchmarks. They coordinate the quarterly inventory of the tape library and maintenance of the security vault.

Librarians also recommend replacement tapes and log them into the automated library system. They maintain records of all tapes issued, replaced or damaged while supervising the operations of the magnetic tape cleaner and evaluator equipment.

Skills & Education:

The essentials skills of the tape librarian include working knowledge of

Employers prefer applicants with a high school along with related certification, preferably supplemented by courses in data processing technologies.

Computer Tape Librarian Salary:

As per Salaryexpert report, the average salary for this position runs around $43,435 per annum in the United States. Working part-time can be an excellent option as well. In the telecom arena, top freelance marketplaces like provide the best environment for freelance tape librarians seeking employment.

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