Computer Repair Technician

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A Computer Repair Technician, aka PC Repair Technician, detects and troubleshoots different types of issues affecting computer systems, servers or networks. The individual will diagnose faulty hardware, the software of PCs or laptops and diagnose them. After they identify the problems, they resolve them. Technicians would, however, work more often with hardware peripherals than with software.

They should be proficient in the widely used operating systems, such as Windows, Linux or macOS.

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Job description

Technicians’ disassemble and reassemble computers using various types of hand tools. They help in producing test procedures for different types of products. They install and configure operating system software and upgrades.

A technician will carry out performance tests to diagnose network connectivity problems. They prepare test reports of products, remove viruses, and troubleshoot malware. A technician will also adjust hardware components to ensure better performance. The repair work often involves replacing screens on computers, installing and configuring software programs, and assembling desktop PCs.

They accurately document orders, as they work adhering to processes of the organization and the particular department they work in. Technicians should also have the knack for learning new technologies without much guidance.

They should have excellent communication skills, as they would need to explain technology to non-technical people. They need to be prepared to work flexible hours.

Future for Computer Repair Technicians

These technicians can advance their career if they completer a bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science or a related field.  

Job opportunities for computer support specialists are expected to rise 11 percent in the ten-year period of 2016-2026, exceeding the average for all occupations, according to US Bureau of labor statistics BLS. In the future, more support specialists will be needed, as companies of all types will upgrade the hardware and software of their systems, the US government department adds.

Educational qualifications and other requirements for Computer Repair Technicians

An associate degree in PC maintenance technology, if not a bachelor’s degree, will help candidates become Computer Repair Technicians. Certifications, such as A+ from CompTIA, Cisco or Microsoft, will be beneficial.

Salary of a Computer Repair Technician

The average salary for a Computer Repair Technician is $36,689 per year, and freelancers make $14.14 per hour, according to

How is Beneficial

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