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CompTIA IT Project +

CompTIA IT Project + professionals have an in-depth understanding of the best practices for project management. This professional will also play an active role in recognizing the fundamentals of project management. They are responsible for initiating the project, developing project plans, stakeholder strategies, and scope of work statements. These IT Project + professionals create a work breakdown structure with activity lists. The professional must be able to make a project schedule to outline the most critical jobs.

The certified professional must be able to explain the project lifecycle. They recognize the organizational influences on project management. It is the responsibility of the CompTIA IT Project + professional to handle the basics of project management and define the agile methodology. They are responsible for the project selection process and creating a Statement of Work (SOW). These professionals develop a project charter and recognize the project stakeholders.

The CompTIA IT Project + professionals will have to recognize the project management plan components. They will define the Stakeholder needs and develop a scope statement. It is the responsibility of the CompTIA IT Project + professional to develop a WBS and make an activity list. The professionals will take care of the relationships and identify resources and estimate time. They should handle the project costs develop project staffing and quality management plans. The professional has to create effective communication plans.

It is the CompTIA IT Project + professional who develops a risk management plan, conducts risk analysis and comes up with a risk response plan. They have to handle the plan project procurements. The professionals will improve the Project schedule and develop a schedule baseline. They will resolve any issues related to funding and costs. It is the CompTIA IT Project + professional who takes care of the project costs, and cost baseline. They have to make a human resource plan and quality management plan.

The professional manages the communication methods and develops a communications management plan. This professional has a prominent role to play in the development of change management and transition plans. They assemble and launch the project team to implement their plan. The professional has to monitor and control the project's performance and constraints. They must implement a project procurement plan and oversee the risks. These professionals conduct project closure activities and take care of the control procurements.

Job Description

These professional job duties involve developing a risk management plan. They recognize the project risks and triggers. The professional conducts a qualitative and quantitative risk analysis. It is the CompTIA professional who creates a risk response plan. The expert will gather the project procurement inputs and generate a procurement management plan. They take care of the procurement documents as well. This professional develops an integrated change control system and transition plan.

Job Description

The professional has to take responsibility for the project execution. They must implement a quality assurance plan and gather the project team.  The CompTIA IT Project + professional will create and manage the project team. It is the professional who is responsible for distributing project information. They should be capable of handling stakeholder relationships and expectations. The professionals will collect information responses from vendors, and they also will pick the suitable project vendor. They have to document the project performance and take care of the project work and any other related changes.

The CompTIA IT Project + professional is responsible for managing project quality. They must be able to monitor the project scope and project schedule. The professionals have to oversee the project as well along with the project risks. They have to take care of the vendors and procurements. It is the CompTIA IT Project + professional who handles the legal issues of the organization. They have to deliver the final product and close project procurements. The professional will handle the technical developments within the technical team.

The certified expert deploy software life-cycle methodology. They have to ensure customer satisfaction through post-project debrief with clients. The professionals work in collaboration to roll-out beta and production releases. They work to coordinate with the technical team to come up with a new test idea for all the technical projects. The professional needs to record all estimates, project statuses, and project completion paperwork. They have to play an active role in providing teamwork assignments, recognize resource needs and to troubleshoot any issues appropriately.

The CompTIA IT Project + professional must develop the business case and have to showcase the impact of the project by taking into consideration factors such as costs, savings, revenues, and benefits. They have to keep track of the project milestones and change the project plans to meet the needs of the business. The professionals have to handle the budgets and timescales effectively. They have to maintain strong working relationships with all key stakeholders.

Educational Requirements

The IT Project + professional must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, telecommunications, electronics & electrical, engineering, or any other related fields. The candidates with relevant and prior work experience have an edge over the other applicants. Many organizations hire candidates with a master’s degree or a certain specialization related to an IT field.

CompTIA IT Project + Certification

The CompTIA IT Project + certification is designed for IT professionals who are interested in enhancing their business knowledge and skills related to project management. The vendor-neutral certification will provide the necessary professional skills, such as knowledge of business practices, interpersonal skills, and project management skills. The certified candidates will be capable of designing, deploying, and completing IT projects within the stipulated time frame and budget.

Salary & Job Outlook

The Indeed salary estimate states that on an average CompTIA IT Project + professional salary ranges from approximately $38,306 per year for PC Technician to $90,807 per year for IT Project Manager. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there is expected to be a 15 percent increase in the job market for computer and information system managers in 2014-2024. These professionals can also opt for freelancing jobs since many opportunities will be coming their way in the near future. is a One-Stop Solution

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