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What is a Cloud Integration Engineer?

A cloud integration engineer is somebody who helps migrate existing company network and IT assets into the cloud. By integrating a firm’s systems with the cloud services, cloud integration engineers help firms improve accessibility, backup, and connectivity.

IT and telecom companies need people who have the skills to implement new technologies, including 5G and the telecom cloud. Cloud integration engineers frequently test cloud solutions in a virtual environment and then move onto real-time testing and deployment.

Responsibilities of a Cloud Integration Engineer

The responsibilities of a cloud integration engineer include the following:

  • Implementing new cloud technologies like Amazon web services, public cloud or hybrid cloud and helping firms integrate them into their existing IT and network processes
  • Testing cloud integration projects in virtualized environments
  • Taking integration projects live
  • Designing innovative cloud-based solutions for telecom providers
  • Troubleshooting with the latest 5G and cloud-based telecom technologies

Qualification & Skills of Cloud Integration Engineer

Companies expect cloud integration engineers to have completed a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as computing, computer science, or programming. Many firms also want engineers to have at least three to five years of experience working on cloud infrastructures with companies in the real world.

Additional requirements include experience working with the telecom cloud, knowledge and expertise in networking, data center,  CEE, SDN, and virtualization layer, and programming language skills (Java, Python, Bash, JavaScript, and PowerShell).

Cloud integration engineers wanting to work overseas may also have to be fluent in the primary language spoken in their target destination.

Job Outlook

Historically, telecoms companies are used to hire cloud architect on a full-time basis, subjecting them to all of the usual terms and conditions associated with traditional employment, such as how many hours they needed to work each week and how many days per year they could take in holidays. But being a freelance cloud integration engineer is different.

Freelancers choose how many hours they work, how many days of holiday they take per year, and who they work for. Being a freelance cloud integration engineer gives a person complete control over their time, allowing them to work as much or little as they like.

Salary of a Cloud Integration Engineer

Integration engineers earn an average of $82,720 per year in full-time employment. Hourly rates average $28.98. The top ten percent of earners make more than $52.72 per hour in the united states.

Experience affects integration engineer salaries. Those with substantial expertise earns up to 34 percent more than the average. Freelance cloud integration engineers can typically earn much more per hour than their full-time counterparts.

Field Engineer Helps Both Businesses and Cloud Integration Engineers

Field Engineer is an online job marketplace that connects freelance cloud integration engineers with businesses. Both businesses and cloud integration engineers can benefit tremendously by joining the platform.

Businesses often have a seasonal requirement for cloud integration engineers. Firms need people with cloud integration expertise to help them complete one-off projects but don’t need to take them on full-time or long-term. Field Engineer gives companies the labor they need on-demand, enabling them to scale up or down as required.

By signing in,  Cloud integration engineers benefit from Field Engineer too. Not only can many earn more money per hour, but they can also build up a portfolio of client relationships, ensuring work in the future.

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