Citrix Vmware Engineer

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Citrix Vmware Engineer

Are you ready to join us as a Freelance Citrix Vmware Engineer? Citrix Vmware Engineers are among some of the top experts that provide operational maintenance and escalated support to IT departments when it comes to technical issues. The support on offer tailors to core business applications, which include environments on Citrix and VMware. At FieldEngineer, you will see that our solutions can help move you into the position you are looking for, helping you to gain the attention from the clients that matter the most.

A Citrix VMware Engineers career is diverse, with many roles within the job. Here, we’re going to look closer the role they play for clients, their career outlook, education and certification needs, average salary, and the best way to find the opportunities that make their career.

Job Description

As a Citrix Vmware engineer, you are required to provide 3rd line support for MS and Citrix technologies  The role is engineering and consulting, which requires you to have excellent perception and communication skills that work alongside your technical capabilities. You would be expected to provide input into the internal and external technology road maps, as well as act as a contact for the internal technical teams.

This role is about research, development, testing, and analysis, and Citrix VMware Engineers also need to provide support and training. You will be expected to participate in and support business initiatives. Citrix Vmware engineers are coveted by organizations needing a non-client facing professional with excellent communication skills. You need to understand cloud infrastructure services inside and out, and you need to know how to manage equipment and operating systems, with internal network management a part of the job, too.

You can find yourself involved in architecture support for legacy migration through to automation. Successful applicants will need to be able to:

  • Support all virtual environment issues
  • Attend meetings
  • Assist with the development of both new and existing products
  • Maintain the existing infrastructure
  • Research, develop, test and documents all Citrix technologies, including Storefront, NetScaler and Xen Desktop
  • Mentor inexperienced engineers

Educational Requirements

Citrix VMware Engineers need a broad range of skills, but the knowledge that they have is going to be the most important thing to focus on. An understanding of virtual technology is essential, as is experienced in supporting a variety of Citrix technologies. In terms of qualifications, a Bachelor's Degree or the equivalent on the job experience in Computer Science is essential. Some jobs require a higher level of experience, with a minimum of two years of experience in larger IT environments. Knowledge of the following is also essential for most roles:

  • Citrix XenApp
  • XenDesktop
  • Vmware WorkspaceOne
  • Mobility Management Solutions like Citrix Endpoint Management
  • Experience in the implementation of Virtualisation.
  • Understanding of critical technologies like AD/LDAP, SSO, VDI, RDP, Netscaler and more


A Citrix VMware Engineer is required to have specific certifications to back up their experience and education. The certificates retained to show that the best knowledge and practices are understood. Citrix certifications have changed in recent years to be solution-based, and they reflect the needs of the IT professional behind them. If you are certified, you can prove that your skills are guaranteed. Here are a few of the certifications that you need to consider having to be successful as a Citrix VMware Engineer:

Citrix Cloud Certifications

As of July 2018, Citrix Cloud Service certifications depend on attendance with the required training and passing the assessments required. This includes:

  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Service on Citrix Cloud (CC-VAD-CC)
  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Service on Microsoft Azure (CC-VAD-MA)

Career Outlook & Freelancing

Those who are seeking to develop their career as a Citrix VMware Engineer should know that technology is an excellent option for career growth. There has to be an in-depth knowledge across the board with cloud technology and virtualization as these things will both play an essential role.

With technical expertise and a high level of professionalism, any applicant looking to help others to embrace modern technologies will fit into this role well. There is a big future in server virtualization and with it comes an increase in roles for Citrix VMware Engineers who are able to get the job done well.

When you choose to freelance as a Citrix Vmware Engineer, you are taking on a role that is wholly your own. You choose your hours, your contracts and where you would like to work. The point of freelancing is to remain in control of your future, and you get to build your experience at a pace that works for you. Freelancers with Field Engineer are able to choose from a range of roles that suit their skills, and you have a platform available to choose the contracts that you are interested in.


According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary for 2019 for a Citrix VMware Engineer sits at $115,955. Yearly salaries for this role vary up to $146,500 and can be as low as $69,500 in other positions. Most of the roles that you find online sit at the 25th percentile at $95,000 across the United States. The location doesn't matter when it comes to this role, and experience can push the salary up, too. Freelancers can earn anywhere upward of $100 per hour for the same role.

How Can Help

Citrix VMware Engineers are in high demand and have particular skills that businesses are looking for. can be the portal that you need to find the right role. Operating as an engineer on the FE platform, you will constantly be working for new clients and developing opportunities in the field.

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