Cisco VPN Specialist

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Cisco VPN Specialist installs, configures, and supports an organization’s local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) of a network. The individual delivers advanced services portfolio of Cisco in the field of network security services, such as advisory, implementation, and optimization services, in client environments. The specialist guides and monitors team members who provide technical support for clients during hardware and software upgrades.

But there various are reasons why people use virtual private network (VPN) connections.  With a VPN, users can mask and encrypts their signals, which allows their online activity to be entirely inaccessible for cyber snoopers. It also fakes IP addresses, seemingly changing users’ original machines and their locations by not showing their original IP addresses.

Using VPN, users can log into a public Wi-Fi network safely without the fear of being hacked. Users can, therefore, protect their confidential data, such as bank account details, credit card information, and login credentials of their email addresses. It also affords users privacy and gives them the freedom to use the Internet freely wherever they are.  

Another significant advantage of using VPN is that it allows users by preventing advertisers from getting to know their online behaviors. They must, however, use an ad blocker.

For digital marketers, it is a godsend, as they can use search engine optimization (SEO) strategies remotely without worrying. They can ensure privacy from their competitors.

Included in this engineer’s responsibilities are monitoring systems and networks to make sure that networks are available at all times to end users.

As they should collaborate with information technology teams to deliver solutions and services, specialists need to have good communication skills.

Cisco VPN Specialist’s Job Description

Cisco VPN Specialists must have the expertise of SSL VPN to analyze and troubleshoot issues. They don the role of subject matter experts when it comes to multiple networks and Endpoint related systems. They manage, test, and evaluate all the network facilities’ components condition and performance. These engineers discuss with other engineers of the network team to identify and fix the most complex of issues. They train and guide team members who report to them.

Besides deploying maintain VPN networks, specialists configure and implement IT devices and equipment and handle inventory tracking.

Specialists plan, prepare, and deploy changes on Cisco 2 and Layer 3 switches, routers of Cisco and Juniper Routers, maintain all routers and switches models of Cisco so that they can provide higher design related support to the team that manages incidents.

Specialists assist in assessing and providing creative solutions to Security Endpoint products. They also help in designing and deploying them. They probe into emerging network technologies and make suggestions for the business needs of the future. Cisco VPN Engineers assess tests, recommend and execute specialized network solutions.

Specialists study, identify and handle vendors to obtain the network related hardware, software, and services. Analysts evaluate and provide creative solutions to design projects and network engineering.

In addition, they need to have extensive knowledge of Cisco Anyconnect Endpoint Product and Security Endpoint Systems. Specialists need to take part in business discussions with the stakeholders on a requirement basis. They need to take remedial actions based on clients’ feedback. They plan on building a team as per the requirements of new projects.

Specialists support remote and local users of an organization accessing their organization’s network via VPN. They recognize and document suggestions for hardware and software and best practices.

They help new employees by providing onboarding by getting equipment ready, making available adequate resources, creating their accounts, and tracking assets. Specialists put in place technical instruction for both new and existing staff.

Their responsibility also includes mandatorily securing all equipment, as they verify the implementation of endpoint products. Specialists also research solutions before they escalate issues to their senior members of the IT team.

They should develop, manage, or manage databases, such as SQL Server, and should be able to provide cloud-based services and solutions.

Prospects for Cisco VPN Specialists

Job opportunities for computer network architects are expected to increase six percent during the 2016- 2026 period, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The government agency says that their requirement will continue to grow as enterprises will continue increasing their IT networks.

Educational Qualifications and Requirements for Cisco VPN Specialists

Cisco VPN Specialists need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, or related discipline along with at least five years of appropriate experience.

They need to have experience in configuring, deploying, and supporting Cisco ASA, routing, switching, ACS, Cisco IOS, and 802.11. If they have a specialist certification in CCNA or a related field, it would be very beneficial.

But networking will witness tremendous changes in the next few years, as many companies will embrace cloud computing. It will, in turn, lead to cloud-enabled networking, where cloud resources will be used to manage networking in-house and cloud-based networking, which will see the usage of networking resources completely from the cloud. Owing to this, networking specialists should learn about these emerging technologies to advance their careers.  

Cisco VPN Specialist’s Salary

The average salary of Cisco Network Engineers in the United States $81,649 per year, or $42 per hour for freelancers, according to  

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