Cisco IDS Specialist

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Cisco IDS Specialist

A Cisco IDS Specialist is responsible for inspecting network packets. They must notify administrators regarding attacks launched against networks, and these certified specialists must keep track of the massive amount of logs generated, which provide valuable information about network threats. They further must provide accurate threat detection.

These certified specialists must establish both flexible deployment options and intelligent threat investigations. Cisco IDS Specialists must use Cisco IDS software to secure networks. They must also integrate the software into switches, routers and firewalls, and they must use powerful analytical tools to rapidly and efficiently respond to threats.

Specialists must accurately recognize known attacks and reduce the occurrences of false alarms. They also must route traffic through network segments that are being monitored by Cisco sensors. They further must identify worms and scan for application attacks by examining both packet headers and payloads.

Job Description

Cisco IDS Specialists must compare captured network traffic with an extensive set of predefined signatures. With the help of Cisco sensors, they detect network attacks such as fragmentation, obfuscation and buffer overflows. They further must check for updates that are regularly available online, and they must keep themselves up-to-date with the latest attacks.

Certified specialists must also be able to add custom signatures to databases, so to avoid any new threats identified in a network. Furthermore, whenever they discover any unusual occurrence, they must compare captured network traffic with an extensive set of predefined signatures. Cisco IDS Specialists must also store signatures in a Cisco Secure IDS Network Security Database (NSDB).

Specialists must further be able to respond to situations when packet information matches an active signature. They must follow various procedures for logging events and forwarding events to NIDS managers, and they must perform TCP resets and deflect traffic through the use of dynamic configurations. They must also respond to all events, which means any packet or sequence of packets that sensors recognize as being potentially dangerous.

Educational Qualifications

Cisco IDS Specialists must have a bachelor's degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Telecommunications, Electronics or some other related field. Certain organizations prefer those who have prior work experience, while others look for those who have a master's degree or with some specialization related to networking.


Cisco IDS Specialist

A Cisco IDS Specialist certification enhances an individual's knowledge of Cisco iOS Software and IDS technologies, and it helps them identify and handle network intrusions. Those with certifications have an in-depth understanding of Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection Systems.


The Indeed salary estimate states that Cisco IDS Specialists earn from approximately $57,298 per year as a Network Specialist to $119,446 per year as a Solutions Engineer.

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