Cisco Certified Internet Professional

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Cisco Certified Internet Professional (CCIP)

The Cisco Certified Internet Professional (CCIP) are the experts having a detailed understanding of various technologies in the field of modern telecommunications. The Cisco Certified professional ensure organizational network free from any issue for better productivity. A CCNP is essentially the same as a Cisco Certified Internet Professional as it is not much different from working principles.

Basically, Cisco Certified Internet Professional (CCIP) is a professional networking certification provided by Cisco. The Cisco Certified Internet professionals are focused on designing, building, implementing, maintaining or troubleshooting complex organizational networking infrastructures.

These professional are the expert of network specialized in supporting and fixing the communications services routing, switching, security, voice systems or technologies

The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert, (CCIE), is a technical certification presented by Cisco Systems and services. The certifications were put in place to help the organization to distinguish the top level of internet expert globally and to measure expert-level infrastructure network design expertise across the globe. Such certifications are usually recognized worldwide as the most esteemed networking certifications in the business. 

The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) group has built a reputation of leading the networking industry in in-depth technical networking knowledge and are positioned into the most precisely challenging network projects. The Expert-level accreditation program frequently updates and reviews its testing techniques and procedures to ensure and maintain program value, importance and significance. The written exam is tough for better evaluation and a performance-based laboratory examination, these expert-level certification programs set the standard for internetworking know-how.

Job Responsibilities

The job responsibilities of a CCIP is to manage, support and troubleshoot IP networks. At times their job responsibilities vary from one organization to other however the functionality remains the same. The trained professionals after a Cisco certification are expected to maintain and fix the organizational issues that use Cisco networking technology.

Cisco certified professionals are generally expected to work for service providers like local exchange carriers, competitive local exchange carriers, and ISPs. They are responsible for the creation and design of various types of networks. Primarily CCIP should implement security measures, and address vulnerabilities when designing a network for any business.

Cisco network professional’s goal should always involve uninterrupted network uptime. They assist network engineers, suggest software upgrades, train customers, and report security threats. Sometimes, they will also accomplish tasks with architects, in order to plan new networking infrastructures. 

They often assist as network engineers, working with hardware engineers to build or repair the networks. They should suggest software upgrades, train customers, and report security threats. In a few cases, they also perform the job with architects to plan a new networking infrastructure. 


Usually, there are no formal prerequisites for CCIE certification. However, to become a Cisco certified professional in networking, you will need to have an essential degree in computer science and related field. Applicants should first clear a written qualification test and then the equivalent hands-on lab assessment. You can receive the CCNP or CCIP credential to prove your competence in working with Cisco networks. To get certified from Cisco you should be a network expert, knowledge of network architect or network technician with at least a year of work experience.

As a Cisco professional you are anticipated to have an in-depth understanding of the work-related topics in the test designs and encouraged to possess three to five years of work experience before trying certification.

Skill Requirements

Cisco professionals bring a wide array of skills to the table. As Cisco professionals work as part of an organization to install and help networks and their users, they should have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. They should have strong analytical expertise which is also critical for recognizing, troubleshooting and resolving issues.

Business Insights

When it comes to IT accreditations, the Cisco classifications is near the top of the group in terms of importance, with right value, and size of its total program. The Cisco certification pyramid displays a well-explained group of authorizations at various career and complexity levels, where both expert and architect certifications- most particularly, the Cisco Certified Internet Professional, or CCIE – remain evergreen qualifications in high demand, with lots of importance, as well as substantial income-producing power. 


As per the Payscale, the average salary of a Cisco certified internet professional is around $91,000 per year. However, part-time ventures can also be rewarding and beneficial for advancing your career. Those interested in working on a freelance basis should visit for the best opportunities. 

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