Cisco Certified Design Associate

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Cisco Certified Design Associate

Introduction to Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA)

The Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA) is someone who designs Cisco converged networks which includes network infrastructures such as LANs and WANs.  They will have great expertise in design methodologies and objectives. The associate should understand how to address the routing protocols and network expansion consideration.  They must have a good understanding of data center, security, voice, and wireless networks.

The Cisco Certified Design Associate must have the knowledge to design Cisco converged network. The professionals will demonstrate skills necessary to design routed and switched network infrastructures. They take care of the LAN, WAN, broadband access for businesses and organizations. The professional knows how to apply the methodology to network design.

The freelance CCDA professional has to modularize the network and understand the advanced level topics of structuring. The freelance professional plays an active role in designing remote connectivity and basic Data Center Networks. They will have a proper understanding of IP Addressing and choosing routing protocols. The professionals will evaluate security solutions for any network. It is the freelance CCDA professional who identifies voice networking considerations and wireless networking considerations.

The freelance Cisco Certified Design Associate will have in-depth knowledge of the implementation, operation, and maintenance of network design. The professional will also assist in recognizing customer needs, technology types and limitations. They provide alternative solutions such as Virtual Private Networking (VPN) and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM).

Job Description & Responsibilities

The Cisco Certified Design Associate is responsible for security solutions for the network. The Certified Associate will handle the design implications of voice transport across the network.  They will design a secure data center, voice and wireless networks in enterprise networks. It is the duty of the CCDA professional to explain in details the tools and methodologies that are utilized to design a computer network.

The professionals must oversee the network addressing plan and pick the appropriate routing protocol for a given network design.  They have to take care of the network structure, hierarchy, and modular nature of modern IT networks. The CCDA professional executes enterprise data centers using cutting-edge network virtualization tools. They have to work on addressing and routing protocols for busy enterprise computer networks.

Cisco Certified Design Associate recognizes business needs and creates Cisco Enterprise Edge and Remote Network Modules. They develop effective network services while taking care of network security vulnerabilities. The professionals will be responsible for planning, build, and manage the Cisco Design Lifecycle. They have to explain the necessary information required to depict an existing network as part of the planning for a design change. The certified professional should keep in mind the uses and advantages of network characterization tools such as SNMP, NBAR, and NetFlow.

The professional task is to compare and contrast the top-down and bottom-up design approaches. They should have a proper understanding of the importance and application of modularity, hierarchy, scalability, and resiliency in a network. The Cisco Certified Design Associate will handle any issues related to routing protocols in an existing network. They must identify the routing protocol scalability considerations. It is the CCDA professional who designs an effective IP addressing scheme, routing protocol expansion, and basic enterprise network.

Cisco Certified Design Associate’s consideration has to be taken into account for increasing an existing network. They have to identify the traffic flow implications as part of the security controls. The professionals must explain security controls integration considerations.

The Cisco Certified Design Associate certification offers the necessary skills to design a secure Cisco network. The job roles include Cisco Certified Design Associate, Network Designer, Network Engineer, Cisco Network Designer, Network Architect, and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Technician.

Educational Qualification & Additional Skills

The Cisco Certified Design Associate must have completed his higher secondary education. The professional must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology or any other related field. These courses will give the candidate a strong hold on the basic fundamentals of computers and its components.

Useful Certification

Cisco Certified Design Associate

Cisco Certified CCDA

The Cisco Certified Design Associate certification teaches professionals the necessary skills to develop methodologies and objectives, addressing and routing protocols and network expansion. The certification provides the fundamental network design skills to build an enterprise network  keeping in mind the performance availability, scalability, and flexibility to fulfill the growing business needs.


According to ZipRecruiter, the Cisco Certified Design Associate earns about $50,425 per year in the United States. The Indeed Salary estimate states that for this position the salary ranges from approximately $44,253 per year for Entry Level Designer to $107,309 per year for Voice Engineer. As per Payscale, the Cisco Certified Design Associate salary is $88K. The Simplyhired salary estimates show that the average CCDA salary is $66,248.

Cisco Certified Design Associate Job Outlook

Job Outlook

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics the job market will witness about 8 percent rise in the job opportunities. In recent times, many factors are contributing to the growth, and as more organizations move towards new technologies, the demand for CCDA professionals is going to increase.

Advantages of Freelancing in this Career

Freelance Cisco Certified Design Associate has many opportunities coming their way. With business going the gig economy way, there is a good demand for freelance professionals. The Freelance Cisco Certified Design Associate will have the advantage of working on multiple projects at the same time. Freelance professionals can choose from various jobs by taking into consideration numerous factors such as geographical location, salary, and skills sets.

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