Cisco Certified Architect

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Cisco Certified Architect

The Cisco Certified Architect is one of the highest levels of certification for the IT professionals. The certified architect from Cisco collects the commercial requests and objectives required to produce a proposal for a combined, large-scale, complex, global network. They can convert business parameters and objectives into functional requests for a network design.

In addition to the regular network structure, Cisco Certified Architects can connect and support specialised Cisco network architectures.

Companies depend on the Cisco Certified Architect for its huge investment in building infrastructure. In fact, the huge sum of dollars will be committed based on an architect's approvals, so they need to have the capability to communicate the value, benefits, choices and what it means to influence the purposes to the applicable stakeholders.

The Cisco Certified Architect identifies the architectural expertise required by an organizational setup. They help in the complete set up of network infrastructure for an organization. The architect is responsible for designing computer networks, including local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), internet connections, intranets, and other related communication infrastructure systems.

Job Description

Following are the essential responsibilities of a certified architect. Primarily they design the entire network setup of a company.

  • To perform the lead creation and evolution of architecture
  • To examine skill and corporate market trends in the global on-demand marketplace
  • To establish major principles for networks system for an organization
  • To perform the selection of tools and products used in the architect structure
  • To identify the organizational resource requirements
  • To guide the progress of communication and training plan for the network architecture of an organization for better productivity

Education & Certification

The Cisco Certified Architect certification evaluates the experience and capability of network designers who can support the gradually complex networks of global establishments and effectively transform business strategies into industrial policies.

To achieve the Cisco Certified Architect certification, you should first receive the Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) certification.


As per Glassdoor, the average salary of Cisco certified architect professional is around $161,272 per the annum in the United States. However, freelance work can also be rewarding and beneficial towards progressing your career. Those interested in working on a freelance basis should visit for the best opportunities.

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