Check Point Certified Security Expert

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Check Point Certified Security Expert


The Check Point Certified Security Expert are the trained professionals who have in-depth skills and knowledge in managing and assist Check Point products and services. As a security expert, their knowledge includes installation and supervising VPN/firewall as a cybersecurity solution and virtual private network (VPN), by means of encryption techniques to implement based on the site requirements with remote access of VPNs.

They also help in configuring content security by allowing java blocking and anti-virus scrutiny. The Check Point Security expert typically provides information security for the product and services such as design, planning and security application, along with training exercise and a security certification program. Nowadays the freelance opportunities are more in the marketplace where freelance Check Point Certified Security Expert can make use of their skills for the company betterment.  

Job Description & Responsibilities

Following are the responsibilities of a CCSE professional in a corporate set-up:

  • To manage security tasks, includes firewalls, load balancer, NAC, logging, and other security hardware
  • To generate, review and reply to reports on event irregularities
  • To assist in the growth and maintenance of security policies as per the client requirement
  • To raise mindfulness of security policies, procedures, and progress of business security
  • To provide security capability to the client’s business
  • The security expert should enable secured data interchanges between the service provider and business
  • To help in the implementation and monitoring of compliance procedure
  • To reply and examine security and network associated alerts with a sense of urgency essential to find and eliminate the cyber threat
  • To plan and implement training for business security and awareness session
  • To define security needs and review procedures to find if they have been intended to comply with set security criteria. Improve new standards as and required by the company
  • To analyze business requests, study and recommend solutions
  • To create and manage relations with vendors and associated device suppliers
  • To perform other related responsibilities subsidiary to the assigned work
  • To conduct the security assessment and provide the resolution at the client site

Education & Certification

To be successful in this field, you will need to have an essential degree in computer science, IT, network technologies or a related field. A certification will add value to you as a professional.

There are several certifications which are beneficial for present analysts engaged with ongoing training as well as for other security specialists looking to become security analyst.

The CCSE professionals prove an employee’s skill and proficiency in supervising and assisting Check Point security products in the enterprise set-up. The CCSE certification is established and directed by Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., a company with over twenty years’ experience delivering business security products (such as firewalls, VPN security gateways, software, and hardware solutions, etc.) for corporates, consumers, and service providers.

Skills & Job Outlook

Skills & Job Outlook

Following are the job scope of a CCSE professional:

Typical job roles for CCSE certification holders as described by major job boards include:

The Check Point Certified Security Expert is essential for the network security solution trusted by almost 100% of all fortune 100 companies worldwide. Hence the requirement is in much demand.


As per Payscale, the average salary of Check Point Certified Security Expert is around $109K per annum or more depending on experiences in the United States. However, freelance work can also be rewarding and beneficial towards progressing your career. Those interested in working on a freelance basis should visit for the best opportunities.

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