Certified Technology Specialist

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Certified Technology Specialist

A Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) creates, provides, operates and services network-based AV solutions. They conduct activities that offer the best audiovisual resolutions for the client’s needs both on time and within budget. They perform general technology tasks by creating, operating and servicing AV solutions. The professionals must have a good understanding of communication systems such as audio, video, and display systems.

This position is responsible for installing, monitoring, and uninstalling AV equipment. They provide on-site installation, support, and troubleshoot any issues that may occur. The CTS cleans the computer equipment and peripherals and provides minor repair and maintenance services whenever a need arises.

Certified Technology Specialist will take care of the logistics of setting up and deployment of computers. The CTS offers technical assistance to install or remove programs according to support instructions. The specialist has to ensure that the computers are in proper working condition. It is the responsibility of the CTS to provide audio-visual resolutions to any related technical problems.

Job Description

This position involves offering technical audio-visual support. The specialist must setup, resolve and maintain multimedia equipment. They must ensure proper connectivity of network, equipment, and computers to the AV system for display. The CTS handles audio and video recording equipment and is to fix any errors that may occur. The professionals must schedule the utilization of facilities, equipment, materials, and other services. They need to provide proper training on the operation of equipment and their procedures. The Specialist is responsible for considering technology requirements, limitations, and budget.

The CTS should take a keen interest in the functioning of the equipment, devices, and systems. It is their responsibility to tape and organize all loose wire and cable. They must take care of any broken equipment and label it, to make it easy for other personnel. The specialist should repair or clean the equipment if the need arises. They are entirely responsible for the operation and maintenance of the audiovisual equipment.

The responsibilities include assisting and guiding anyone regarding proper usage and operation of AV equipment, up-sell different AV services, and monitor equipment operation at appropriate intervals. They will break-down, remove and secure the equipment. The CTS must play an active role in proper security, storage, transportation, and maintenance of equipment. They will be expected to perform inventory and forecasting of equipment needs. The specialists must periodically test the operation of all built-in AV systems. They should implement and maintain the entire AV network.

Educational Qualifications

The Certifed Technology Specialist must have a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Telecommunication or any other related fields. Individuals with prior work experience will have an edge over others. Some employers prefer candidates with a master’s degree or a particular specialization.


Certified Technology Specialist

This CTS certification program validates that the candidate can provide general technology solutions. They can offer the best audiovisual resolutions to the clients and conducting AV management activities.


As per Pay Scale, on an average Certified Technology Specialist salary is $61K annually in the United States. According to indeed, the Certified Technology Specialist salary ranges from approximately $43,506 per year for Technical Support to $66,666 per year for Information Technology Specialist. The careerbliss salary estimate states that the Certifed Technology Specialist earns about $55,000 annually on average, or $26 per hour.

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