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Certified Technical Architect

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Certified Technical Architect

Certified Technical Architect (CTA) is responsible for designing secure, high-performance technical solutions on the platforms. The professionals must have in-depth knowledge about analyzing customer architecture. They should be able to come up with technical solutions and develop design tradeoff to various stakeholders. The Technical Architect has to create a high quality and successful delivery framework.

It is the Certified Technical Architect who develops technical architecture solutions for multiple platforms. They must ensure proper integration and authentication across systems. The professional must monitor the development lifecycle to make sure high secure solutions are delivered. The solutions are optimized from performance and built-in scale. The Architect evaluates various design considerations and recommendations for technical architecture.

The professional must be well-versed with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, App Cloud, Heroku. They should be able to handle any issues regarding security and compliance regulations concerning SaaS hosting. The Certified Technical Architect take care of the system architecture, date and content migration. They have to recognize and create winning propositions such as solution definition and estimating. The architect must have prior experience in complex integration and associated best practices.

The Certified Technical Architect must have in-depth knowledge about application, information and infrastructure architectures. The professionals act as subject matter experts by adding interpretive value to the data. They define project needs and come up the alternative solutions. The Technical Architect delegates resources and assists in ensuring quality assurance across the projects and deliverables. They have to identify the opportunities that are related to client needs.

Job Description

The primary responsibility of the Certified Technical Architect is to develop and implement business technology solutions focused on cloud-based business applications. The professional must have a proper understanding of project management fundamentals. They have to tradeoff with technology and make decisions that are better for the project. The Technical Architect must be directly involved in developing business requirements.

The professional has to over every minute details of process flows, application design, application configuration, testing, and deployment. The Technical Architect must work in close to enable business process analysis sessions. They should create and execute key components of technology solutions. The Certified Technical Architect is responsible for offering training and guidance to the other team members.

The Technical Architect has to be flexible to adapt to the changes and help the customers with appropriate solutions that fulfill their needs. They must be able to demonstrate the creative uses of standard cloud software functionalities to the clients. The Certified Technical Architect must contribute to the Asset Libraries, and Cloud Management Center. They must offer pre-sales support as and when required.

The Certified Technical Architect must look into the technical decisions and play an active role in monitoring the quality of work. They should be well-versed with the limitations of the platform and suggest an alternative to work around the limitations. The professional recognizes when there is a conflict between technical capabilities and business requirements. They must offer constructive feedback to the project teams.

Educational Qualifications

The Certified Technical Architect must have a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Telecommunications, Computer Science, Electronics & Electrical or any other related field. Organizations pick candidates with a master’s degree or specialization, but some employers prefer professionals with some relevant work experience.


Certified Technical Architect

The Certified Technical Architect certification validates the candidate’s skills to understand customer architecture. The certification will enhance the knowledge about designing secure and high-performance technical solutions. It ensures the professional provides a delivery framework and creates tradeoffs to business stakeholders.


As per PayScale, the Certified Technical Architect earns about $ 133K in the United States. According to Glassdoor, the national average of Certified Technical Architect salary is $124,037. The Indeed Salary estimate states that on an average the Certified Architect Salary ranges from approximately $115,202 per year for IT Architect to $148,173 per year for Enterprise Architect.

Job Outlook

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that there is a 9 percent growth for Technical Architects from 2014-2024. The growth rate in faster-than-average employment growth.

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