Certified Technical Architect

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Certified Technical Architect

A Certified Technical Architect is a person who designs high-performance technical solutions for clients. The technical architect is responsible for being a project manager who oversees IT assignments that are designed to improve the business - not limit it. As you work from beginning to end of each IT project, it's essential that you have the knowledge and know-how for each system as a technical expert and from the business point of view. 

Technical Architect: Job Description

A Technical Architect will be working across many different industries, planning and structuring a database to designing and building an e-commerce platform. The variety is massive, and due to this, you will be required to have an excellent working knowledge of technologies such as UNIX, SQL Server, and even Oracle. It would be helpful for you to have a good understanding of programming languages, too.

Most Certified Technical Architects have an excellent chance of being employed within a firm that will deliver projects of this type to clients or within the organization. Much of your time will be taken up with people from different management and design backgrounds in IT. You'll work with them to complete a project and ensure that all needs are met before it goes live. Developing business solutions that are based on cloud applications is a big part of the role, and you'll be directly involved in developing the business requirements, offering opinions and advice for every detail of the process.

Roles & Responsibilities Of Technical Architects

As a Technical Architect, you'll expect to be involved in some of these tasks:

  • Giving clients advice on their IT needs - present and future
  • Agreeing project outlines and plans with your clients
  • Identifying the needs of the organization in which you work
  • Document production for monitoring the progress and quality of the IT project you are working
  • Researching and planning cost analysis and budget for IT products
  • Talking with designers and developers about what's required of them when overseeing project progress

Educational Requirements

A Certified Technical Architect should aim to have a bachelor's degree in one of the following specialisms:

  • Information Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Computer Science
  • Electronics
  • Electrical
  • Other related fields

A company will only pick a candidate with a Master's degree in certain areas, and some employers prefer that you would have some experience - which is why taking as many internships offers as possible is a must.


As part of your Certification as a Certified Technical Architect, you will be able to validate your skills to understand customer architecture. Certification will enhance your knowledge about high-performance technical solutions, and it ensures that you can provide the right delivery framework and tradeoffs to business stakeholders. You can also become a much better-valued member of a team with the right certification under your belt.


As a Certified Technical Architect, you can expect to earn around $132k in the United States - according to PayScale.com. The national average salary according to Glassdoor, however, ranges up to $145k with an average number of $112k. There are different types of Technical Architect, and the salaries are attractive across the board, which makes this a lucrative career choice for anyone in the market for a new job.

Technical Architect Job Outlook

Currently, the job outlook for a Certified Technical Architect from 2016-2026 is predicted to be 6%. The growth rate is right on average and isn't moving any faster than usual. 

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