Certified SOA Security Specialist

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A Certified SOA Security Specialist creates security extensions for current service-oriented architectures (SOA) with his/her expertise in security practices, patterns, and industry technologies.

This individual is very knowledgeable about regularly occurring security vulnerabilities and threats linked to service-oriented solutions and new service technologies.

In addition to resolving obvious security issues, specialists also identify security flaws by identifying problems beforehand.

Certified SOA Security Specialist’s Job Description

Certified SOA Security Specialists identify, monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot security issues within an organization. They make suggestions to curb security problems.

They carry out detection analysis and keep tabs on the intrusion of networks, systems, applications, and logs.

Specialists need to re-engineer existing applications as their organizations redefine business processes. They must be able to create physical and logical architectures, according to the requirements of their organizations.   

They must be able to work with all the levels of the database, architecture infrastructure, network, and security. Specialists take part in handling security incidents after detected incidents are reported.

Specialists maintain standard processes and guidelines of their organization along with standard operating procedures.

They need to work in shifts and adhere to timelines.

Prospects for Certified SOA Security Specialists

Job opportunities for information security analysts are predicted to grow 28 percent during the 2016-2026 period, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Their demand for them will be very high because they would need to create novel solutions to foil the attempts of hackers to steal vital information.

Educational Requirements and Other Qualifications Needed for Certified SOA Security Specialists

To become Certified SOA Security Specialists, candidates need a bachelor's degree inengineering or computer science or related field or an associate’s degree or equivalent with sufficient experience.

They should be well conversant with TCP/IP Protocols,network/security applications, network analysis, and common applications.

Salaries of Certified SOA Security Specialists

The salary for an Information Security Analyst on an average is $70,407 per year. If they freelance, they earn up to $26.57 per hour, according to payscale.com.

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