Certified Satellite Installer

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Certified Satellite Installers help customers choose services, following which they install and maintain it for them, providing that they can avail uninterrupted satellite services. Following the arrangement, the installer mounts the dish, aims it, and connects it to the modem of the television or satellite within the client’s premises. The individual then tests it to see if it is functioning correctly.

As Satellite Installers will be working the majority of the time outdoors, they need to be physically active. It entails working in extreme weather conditions, and may, at times, be quite challenging.

They should have excellent customer service skills, besides technical expertise and ability to fix to link equipment and components of satellites.

Certified Satellite Installer’s Job Description

A Satellite Installer has to perform a system installation site surveys to identify the best location of equipment for the sharpest signal reception. The technician has to set up state-of-the-art technology, such as placing satellite dishes, receivers and mounts, so that there is broadband connectivity. Installers need to talk with customers to identify their specific needs for installing and maintaining dish TVs. They have to provide customers with quotes for particular installation and maintenance services.

Technicians will also have to undertake cleaning activities by clearing out obstructive objects from the customers’ sites to make them ready for installing satellites. They should be capable of choosing cables of the right type and length for each satellite installation project. It is the technicians’ responsibility to procure cables, tools, and equipment from storage areas and document this activity accurately.  They have to be electronics technicians to be able to plan cable networks efficiently so that cables can be installed correctly.

Technicians will have to replace ruined equipment and relocate dish antennas to ensure the best reception possible. They fix existing issues with services and reception and provide prompt solutions. Technicians will check levels of signal strength by using assigned equipment and tools and handle issues of diminishing reception as per procedure. They test satellite equipment to see to it that it is in proper working condition.  

Technicians have to guide the customers by imparting the basics to receive services properly and also have to review orders with them. They need to provide their customers with the option of additional services and products, which will enable them to earn incentives and acquire new skill sets.

Job Description

Prospects for Certified Satellite Installers

As the technology in the satellite field is ever-changing, technicians need to learn about new equipment as long as they remain in the satellite industry. Individuals who know a broad range of hardware can go on to become manufacturing sales representatives.

For instance, in different applications, fiber optic cables have taken the place of coaxial cables, as they provide larger bandwidth and better performance. Moreover, fiber optic cables have better transmission rate when compared with coaxial cables.

Educational Qualifications and Requirements for Certified Satellite Installers

Employers while hiring Satellite Installers look for candidates with post-secondary degrees in telecommunications or electronics. Satellite Broadcasting & Communications Association (SBCA) offers few certifications for aspiring installers.  

On the other hand, the Electronics Technicians Association (www.eta-i.org) offers certification in the Certified Satellite Installation (CSI). In the CSI test, capabilities of installing small and large satellite dishes are assessed, besides in antenna systems, commercial satellite installations, and signal distribution, as well.

A digital home technology integrator (DHTI) certification is also offered for installing satellites. Aspiring satellite installers must pass employment drug tests, and background checks before they are ready to be hired. They could be subjected to regular drug testing after they are hired. Installers driving records also need to be clean.
Certified Satellite Installers’ earnings  

The average salary for a Satellite Installer in the United States is $41,167 per year, according to payscale.com. As freelancers, they can earn $15.57 per hour.  

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