Certified Network Cable Installer

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Certified Network Cable Installer

The Certified Network Cable Installer is (CNCI) a professional with expertise in implementing network cabling infrastructure for an organization. They have the expertise in the network cabling infrastructure for an organization. The Network Cable Installer is involved with the design and deployment of the communications cabling infrastructures that practice the basis of local area network (LAN) infrastructures for an IT and Telecom companies.

The Certified professionals are engaged in installation, testing, and survey exercises for both copper and fiber cable installation for an organization.  They ensure the communication is uninterrupted by the proper network cabling system.  

Job Responsibilities

CNCI professionals are responsible for the fixing and to authorize of data network structured cabling, as part of a team or autonomously. The planned cabling must be installed in agreement with national and international standards for both fiber-optic and copper data networks.

Network Cable Installers define cabling requirements and perform a sequence of work to make sure that networks are installed and terminated properly.

The Cable Installer ensures to plan network installations by using manuals and technical specifications given by the clients. They install and maintain cable pathway systems such as J-hooks, D-rings and cable racks.

Cable Installer should document networks by labeling routing equipment and cables and recording diagrams and specifications. They set up new cabling frames by following strict industry standards and manufacturers’ instructions

Education & Certification

Professionals should have a bachelor degree and have proven knowledge of computer science, electronics, and telecommunications. Usually, organizations also look for people who have some network experience with copper and fiber cabling network.

Technicians further should have basic computer skills, data entry experience and knowledge of office applications in addition to having skills in computer networking

The training structure or plan of Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI) is decisive for the future of the network infrastructure industry as the industry standard certification for those working within the network cabling sector.


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