Certified Data Centre Expert

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A Certified Data Centre Expert should understand the design life cycle of Data Centre and various stages included. It is their responsibility to follow the redundancy levels for Data Centre design and set up. They must be capable of measuring Data Centre energy efficiency and coming up with innovative solutions to improve it. The professional should be able to analyze battery banks and confirm equipment configurations to ensure they meet requirements.

The Certified Data Center Expert must be able to evaluate the business case and perform a technical analysis of the project plan. The expert should check designs for the implementation of mission-critical Data Centre operations. They will possess wide-ranging expertise understanding of selecting the equipment and development of equipment test scripts. The expert needs to do an evaluation for a project and conduct integrated performance and validation testing (IPVT).

Certified Data Centre Expert Job Description

The Certified Data Center Expert job involves deciding on an optimum site for the Data Centre depending on client present and future needs. The professional must also have a proper understanding of all components necessary for high-availability in a Data Centre. They should be efficient enough to set up the Data Centre effectively. Additional responsibilities include:

  • Assist in site selection, and design requirements to set up a suitable and efficient Data Centre
  • Understand all components that play an essential role in the high-availability of Data Centre performance
  • Recognize lifecycle stages design and to support building project planning and execution
  • Perform technical evaluation of level design reviews and conduct a professional compliance audit for the set of designs
  • Analyze the product data sheets and be able to differentiate between technical specification and functional requirements
  • Identify the most common design mistakes related to electrical Single Line Diagram and other documents
  • Create plans to decommission and hand-over an aged Data Centre facility
  • Keep track of the architectural, mechanical, electrical, IT components and documentation
  • Initiate Individual Equipment Test and Integrated Performance and Validation Tests for the Data Centre
  • Address in great detail the needs and necessities of the Data Centre
  • Take charge of the site cooling design, Delta-T, CFM, and other relevant factors
  • Identify correct power and parallel configurations to avoid possible issues
  • Organize a technical level design reviews to analyze the preliminary design documents
  • Conduct a technical compliance audit to ensure the design is compliant to TIA standards
  • Address physical factors such as floor loading capacity, cooling capacity, room size and space, and power quality conditions while finalizing the designs
  • Have a proper understanding of modern Data Centre roles and operations
  • Keep updated with hierarchical model types and critical data center facility design
Educational Qualifications

Educational Qualifications

The candidate must possess a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Telecommunication, Electronics & Electrical or any related field. Many organizations prefer candidates with one to two years of experience or a master’s degree with a particular specialization.


This certification is for candidates to design, maintain and operate the Data Centre with high-availability and efficiency. The main areas of focus will be on the architectural, mechanical, electrical, IT components, basic cooling setup, CFM, Delta-T, and many other factors.

Certified Data Centre Expert Salary

According to Indeed.com, the Certified Data Centre Expert salary ranges from approximately $71,368 per year for Systems Administrator to $127,729 per year for Data Engineer.

Career Opportunities for Certified Data Center Expert

With corporate demand for Data Centre’s growing, organizations are on the lookout for candidates with data center expertise. Many employers seek candidates with knowledge in CFM, Delta-T and other skills required for the smooth data center operations. Candidates will witness a growth in the job opportunities over the coming years.

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