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Cell Phone Technology has grown by massive leaps and bounds over the past couple of decades. Cell phones long ago replaced the landline as the main mode of communication, and it is considered a utility every bit as much as internet, electrical or water service these days. So naturally, it’s no surprise that cell phone and cell tower technicians are in high demand. These are now deemed “essential” jobs that always have openings and availability. 

What Do Cell Tower Technicians Do?

Cell tower technicians, installers and repair people do a wide variety of tasks throughout the day. In a nutshell, they maintain cell phone towers and keep them in good working order to ensure that cell phones are always receiving signals without delay or issue and that customers always have full bars. They do this by repairing and replacing old materials and equipment, testing functionality, building, replacing and putting up new towers, and regular servicing and maintenance, among other jobs. 

Do You Need a Degree to Become a Cell Tower Technician?

To be a cell tower technician, you do need to possess a degree of education and skills. For basic cell tower tech jobs, formal training is not always required, however, most employers do expect you to have a diploma or GED certificate. You’ll also need to undergo safety training and job training. Most employers will provide you with paid training, but if you have outside skills or some experience in the field, so much the better. For technician and installer positions, you may need to have a degree in electronics telecommunications, or technology. The qualifications needed will depend on the job description and each individual company’s qualifications, so check job advertisements carefully. No matter your level of education, you will undergo on-the-job training and be required to sit for a safety training session. 

What About Safety? 

All cell tower technicians must go through extensive training and safety programs to learn the ins and outs of the job, including how to climb and repel safely, and how to make extensive repairs while on the tower. This job is not one for someone who is afraid of heights or who crumbles under pressure. 90% of the job will be spent climbing and perching upon very high cell towers, and you must be able to do your job effectively while safely working from these great heights. You’ll be working in dangerous areas, and accurate, safe practices are very important at all times! Luckily, your on-the-job and safety training will ensure that you know the ins and outs of safely doing your job. You won’t be put out into the field until you’ve completed extensive safety training. 

What Do Cell Tower Technicians Make?

One question that all prospective cell tower technicians have is about salary: how much do cell tower technicians make? Well, it depends, in part, on your job description and the company you work for (as well as your level of experience), but in general, cell tower technicians get paid quite well. Because of the nature of the job, which is rather high-stakes and often dangerous, cell tower technicians are compensated accordingly. The average basic cell tower technician makes around $27 per hour, which equates to just under $60,000 a year. This can fluctuate up or down depending on your level of education, the position offered, and so on. 

Cell Tower Technicians

What is it Like to Work as a Cell Tower Technician?

This job is best suited to people who like fast-paced, high-stakes work. That means very little downtime, working at a quick pace, working from large heights and having to pay close attention to safety at all times. For those who don’t handle stress well, are afraid of heights or have trouble remembering step-by-step procedures, this might not be the job for you. But if you have good attention to detail, work well under pressure and possess a fearless attitude, you could make a great cell tower technician. 

If you think becoming a cell tower technician is your next career path, why not go ahead and get started? Check out local job listings in your area and see what qualifications you need to apply. You never know; you might just be a perfect fit for that next technician job. Working as a cell tower technician is a rewarding, well-paying, exciting and important job that has many benefits. It can be stressful, but often workers find that the satisfaction of a job well done combined with the pay and benefits involved make it well worth it. 

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