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Cable Installer

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A cable installer is a person responsible for installing and repairing telecommunication cable and equipment. It is their job to examine the lines whenever there is trouble and then rectify or replace the faulty equipment if needed. It is also their role to take care of other general electrical, maintenance and communication cable installation-related duties.

Their role may involve the removal, termination, and examination of the communication cable, as well as taking responsibility for fiber and copper communication cables.

Cable Installer Job Description

It is the main role of the cable installer to examine equipment and connections within a company or organization. They also have an active role in the customer service aspect of a business. They may be training the customers regarding the usage of their devices, for example. On top of this, they will perform preventative maintenance and be skilled in numerous techniques and methods.

They may spend their day at work reviewing blueprints, planning workload, and selecting proper cable and equipment. They will be confident when it comes to setting up new telecommunication frames. They will then perform thorough tests to ensure everything is working properly. They should also keep an eye on stock levels and know what needs to be replaced and when.

The Skills a Cable Installer Should have

A reliable Cable Installer should complete higher secondary education. They should also have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, telecommunications, electronics & electricals or something equivalent that is related to the field. Businesses tend to prefer people who have work experience or an apprenticeship under their belt.

This person should also have basic computer skills, electronic skills, and knowledge in the IT area. They should be physically fit enough to carry heavy loads, able to maneuver into small spaces and work in an elevated work environment. The job can be demanding, so the professional must be physically fit and able to endure the work without harming themselves or others. The cable installer has many responsibilities, so having a number of skills and abilities is very important. Other skills include:

  • Color - somebody in this profession must be able to differentiate between various cable colors. Color-coded wires are the norm, so this may not be a suitable role for a color blind person.
  • Customer-service skills - a polite and friendly manner is desirable for those professionals who work directly with customers. They may be teaching them to use certain pieces of equipment, so they must be easy to understand, likable, and friendly.
  • A steady hand - a steady hand and good hand-eye coordination is a must.
  • Tools and parts - a cable installer needs a vast knowledge of tools and internal parts.

Cable Installer Salary

The salary of a cable installer can vary depending on whether they are freelance or employed, what the project is, and where they are working in the world. Salary can even vary by state. Below is a rough estimate:

  • The Indeed salary estimate - $15.02 per hour in the United States.
  • According to Payscale - about $42,233 annually and $15.22 on an hourly basis.
  • Glassdoor - $46,503 per year in the United States.
  • ZipRecruiter - professionals earn about $42,632.

Cable Installer Jobs

Cable installer jobs are on the rise. Many organizations are looking into hiring cable installers. The Bureau of US Labor Statistics (BLS) states that by the end of 2020, there is expected to be a growth of 13% line installers and 15% for telecom technicians. These numbers should continue to grow, so it has never been a better time to become a cable installer!  

Freelance Cable Installer Jobs

As the cable installer is said to be in high demand, it can be lucrative for professionals to choose to work freelance. These freelancers can work on site and can arrive at the time of a scheduled appointment. They will carry their own tools, and work with their own clients with no middle-man.

Traditional Cable Installer jobs are very similar to freelance cable installer jobs.

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