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What is a Build Site Solutions Engineer?

Build site solutions engineers work closely with construction teams, considering elements like lighting, IT and telecommunication, and aspects such as sustainability.

A build site solution engineer will play a significant role throughout the building process, including developing 2D and 3D computer models of a building to research potential new technologies, as well as marking out and leveling a construction site before work begins.

The Responsibilities of a Build Site Solutions Engineer

The responsibilities of a build site solutions engineer vary from job-to-job, but some basic tasks which carry over across the board include -

  • Being the main point of call for technical advice
  • Ensuring accuracy in all plans
  • Supervising site workers, including their health and safety
  • Resolving technical queries as they occur
  • Liaising with subcontractors such as surveyors, designers, etc.

The Qualifications Necessary for a Build Site Solutions Engineer

Build Site Solutions Engineer

It’s vital that any build site solutions engineer has an accredited degree or HNC/HND in building engineering, civil/structural engineering or construction. While it is possible to become an assistant site engineer without any formal qualifications, you’ll still struggle to reach a higher position without a proper degree behind you.

As can be seen from job postings by companies like Ericsson, each site engineer position also calls for different skill sets. Within some listed positions, for instance, it’s vital to speak another language. While this is quite a precise request, more typical skill requests include -

  • Teamwork
  • Technical knowledge of the construction process
  • Extensive IT knowledge (including in excel)
  • Communication and analytical skills

The Job Outlook for Build Site Solution Engineers

With an increasing need for consideration of things like technology throughout the design process, the job outlook for build site solutions engineers looks positive indeed. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for engineers of all kinds is set to skyrocket by an impressive 9% by 2026, with particular focus on those who stay on top of the latest technologies.

Freelance build site engineers are especially lucky in this sense, as they’re able to select only the most cutting edge projects. This means that they’re able to keep on top, with the latest trends to ensure ongoing demand for their services.

Pay Rates for Build Site Engineers

According to PayScale, the pay rate for build site solutions engineers stands at an impressive average of $71,072 dependent on qualifications.

If you have the necessary qualifications behind you as a site engineer freelancer, you could end up charging even more thanks to your niche services and ability to work and implement changes without the need to refer back to anyone higher up than you.

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