AWS Certified Foundation

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AWS Certified Foundation

An AWS Foundation engineer is a specialized IT professional that helps to deliver and manage a range of solutions using the Amazon Web Services platform. AWS is used for Cloud-based computing, storage, and networking and the AWS Foundation engineer can play a variety of roles in helping clients make the best use of it, from working as a Cloud Developer to a SysOp Administrator.

Here, we’re going to take a look at the different roles you might fill in your career as an AWS Foundation engineer, your potential career progression, average salary, and how freelancing with an online, on-demand global marketplace can help.

Job Description

AWS is used for a variety of different services. The AWS Foundation certification serves to validate your knowledge, equipping you to deploy and implement in the AWS Cloud, with expertise in infrastructures, architectural principles, platforms, and security. There is a range of ways to further specialize your role but AWS Foundation engineers primarily act in the Cloud Engineer role.

Through your AWS Foundation certification, you can work with application providers and vendors to host, manage, and improve Cloud-based applications. The Cloud is only growing more popular in business, especially amongst enterprise-level organizations who can benefit from both the cost-effectiveness and the convenience of this alternative to older networking platforms.

Your Chief Responsibilities  an AWS Foundation Engineer Can Include the Following

  • Providing high-quality, working AWS architecture
  • Developing strategies for cost optimization and usage reporting
  • Providing solutions based on AWS products like DynamoDB, S3, and Kinesis
  • Collaborating with teams of AWS/Cloud engineers on large-scale projects
Job Description

Educational Requirements and Career Outlook

Besides the AWS Foundation certification essential for working as an AWS engineer, you will need a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or the equivalent in experience. Expertise in Python, Java, .NET and other programming languages is recommended.

From starting with an AWS Foundation, a wide range of careers are available besides working as a Cloud engineer. Progressing into a role as a Cloud Developer or Cloud Software Engineer is a common choice. Others prefer to bring their technical knowledge to the sales and service side, working as a Cloud Sales & Purchase Manager or AWS Big Data Specialist.


The AWS Foundation certification is essential for any AWS role, including working as a Cloud engineer. However, here are some other certifications that can help you further develop your AWS expertise and gain access to a broader range of opportunities:

  • AWS Certified Developer
  • AWS Certified SysOp Administrator
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  • AWS Certified Security
  • AWS Certified Big Data


An AWS Foundation engineer makes, on average, $118,903 as a Cloud Engineer or $141,261 per year as a Software Architect. These earnings can change drastically based on experience and the type of work being taken on, but freelancing can help you find the broadest range of opportunities to ensure a lucrative career.

How Can Help

AWS Foundation engineers can find a wide scope of opportunities through, a global on-demand platform helping connect freelancers to the clients that need their specific expertise and skills.

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AWS Certified Foundation
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