AV Integration Engineer

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AV Integration Engineer

Here at FieldEngineer.com, we love the creative side of engineering. Giving those who can’t work a paintbrush the chance to create art, while also working with industry-leading hardware, the role of an AV integration engineer can be an incredibly satisfying one. This sort of job isn’t going to be disappearing anytime soon, with demand for professionals in this field ever on the rise.

What is an AV Integration Engineer?

AV stands for audiovisual, thought the work of an AV integration engineer goes a lot further than this. Professionals in this field will be exposed to entertainment equipment, networking hardware, and even communications tools, and will be expected to be able to use tools like this without any support. The sort of work you’ll do will vary from job to job, with the options available on Field Engineer giving a good insight into the specific roles which are available near you.

Over the years, this field has developed to include more and more pieces of technology. PBX, or public broadcast exchanges, for example, are Internet-based telephone systems which a lot of businesses use for both their internal and external communications. As an AV integration engineer, you’d be responsible for installing the wiring, hooking up the phones, and maintaining the whole thing as time goes on.

Different companies will have their requirements for their engineers. In a lot of cases, people are hired for this role in ensuring that an office is running as smoothly as possible. TVs will be used to display employee stats, and cameras can be set up to hold meetings across the world, but this is only the start of the work which can be done. As an AV integration engineer, you’ll have an excellent chance to get creative with the suggestions you make.

What do you Need to Be an AV Integration Engineer?

Working in a technical role like this is going to require a range of skills, though the exact requirements will vary from job to job. For example, a company which wants their meeting rooms transformed will need someone with experience with networking, PBX, AV/Media systems, and even HVAC controls. You can gain this experience for yourself, though it will be best to try and do it on the job, as this will show that you can work professionally.

Thanks to the somewhat flexible nature of a role like this, the sort of certification you have to prove your worth can vary a lot. Some people won’t have any qualifications but will have to demonstrate their knowledge and skills through other means. Others will have dedicated engineering degrees, giving them an excess of skills in this role. To balance this out, it will be worth looking for courses which are designed for AV Integration professionals, as this will ensure that you only have to soak up information which will be valuable in your career.

Getting a Job

Getting a Job

Like many practical fields, getting a job with an employer shouldn’t be too hard once you have the experience and qualifications to show that you’re a sound engineer. In the US, your average AV Integration engineer salary will be around $77,000. This sits well above the national average and is plenty to live a comfortable life, though the work is hard enough to warrant this. There are plenty of recruitment websites out there which can support you when you’re looking for a role like this.

As another option, though, you could consider dropping the idea of having a boss forever. A lot of people find themselves feeling frustrated when they have to work for someone else, primarily when they’ve worked very hard to get into their position. Thankfully, as an AV Integration engineer, you will have loads of opportunities to go freelance with your work. At Field Engineer, we have loads of jobs popping up each day which will appeal to professionals in this industry.

Our recruitment system is unique when compared to the offerings of other companies. Our app enables you to find new freelance jobs with ease, track your applications, and even accept your payments, keeping everything nice and secure. There aren’t many ways to work as a freelancer without putting in vast amounts of time and effort to find clients. We bring businesses and professionals together, saving you from having to go through this process, while also creating a line of defense which keeps everyone accountable. Becoming an AV integration engineer isn’t too hard, but you will have to dedicate yourself if you want to find success.

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