Aruba Certified Solutions Professional

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Aruba Certified Solutions Professional

Aruba Certified Solution Professionals (ACSP) is skilled and fully trained professionals that focus in the field of Wireless LAN & Wired LAN technology. They provide a wireless management solution which is designed to resolve issues with mobile devices, users and specific apps. Experienced Certified professionals are proficient in the implementation, configuration, and management of advanced Aruba Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) enterprise techniques. 

These involve the utilization of V8 operating systems, such as (AOS8) architecture and relevant features. The solution expert is experienced when it comes to increasingly popular advancements in WLAN technology.

These are solutions explicitly selected as the platform of choice, selected by various organizations to implement wireless connectivity. This is the necessary approach to the acquisition of functional communications and training processes for businesses.

Job Description

Gartner has selected Aruba Certifications as for the best solution provider. These are effective solutions as networking technologies are advancing globally. Professionals with this certification are expected to oversee the various practices needed for deploying efficient wireless infrastructures for diverse organizations, both in-house and designated site locations. These are professionals who are expected deal with the three primary products and services provided by Aruba, such as RF (radio frequency) fundamentals, security, and BYOD. These are considered to be the three primary pillars. 

The solution professional works to thoroughly manage, plan, and design wireless network solutions. These are processes used to help companies meet their goals of productivity. They collect and update essential information for specific projects and cases. This requires the transfer of data to managers who monitor related processes and efficiency. Some of the essential responsibilities of the process to become an Aruba Certified Solution Professional involve these specific details: 

  • Collaborating effectively with clients to pinpoint and qualify existing opportunities
  • Collaborating effectively with clients to pinpoint and qualify existing opportunities
  • Enabling business strategies through the implementation of wireless networking technologies and the launch of customer standards
  • Provide processes that fully support and troubleshoot DNS, DNSSEC, and DHCP

Education and Certification Requirements

The educational requirements include a bachelor degree in the areas of computer science, telecommunications, or a related field. Applicants should have satisfactory experience or at least six years of relevant expertise, as well as, an ACSP certification, which is required for an Aruba Certified Solution Professional. This position requires a vast and thorough understanding of networking routes and switch technology strategies. 

The Aruba Certified Professional must offer a variety of skills necessary for problem resolution in the area of realistic wireless deployment experiments. It is important to quickly become the subject matter expert and lead for enterprise projects and related services. 

Aruba Certified Solutions Professional Salary

This particular professional within the IT industry holds a critical and essential role as it relates to various networking technologies. According to Paysa, the average yearly salary in this position is approximately $155,107.

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