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What is an Application Analyst and What Do They Do?

An application analyst, also known as an application support analyst or an application systems analyst, can play a variety of roles as part of a team. Here, we’re going to look at what they do, what kind of qualifications you need to become one, what skills you need to make use of, where you can work as one, and what kind of job outlook and application analyst salary you can expect.

What Does An Applications Analyst Do

Applications analysts serve as part of an organizations’ IT team, taking an analytic role to ensure that the computer application systems being used are meeting the needs of the organization. Aside from simply analyzing existing systems, this can also mean designing, developing, and implementing their iterations and replacements to try and better meet the goals of the organization, too. The application support analyst job description is mostly the same thing, though they typically focus more on the analysis, diagnosis, and resolution of application errors and problems.

Application Analyst Qualifications

Application analysts are typically expected to at least have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field of study, such as computer science or IT. However, there are several application analyst positions that might require specialized knowledge and thus might need a master’s degree focusing on subjects like IT management, database administration, engineering, and so on.

Qualifications outside of a formal education that should be considered necessary can include technical experience, as well as knowing relevant computer languages, such as CSS, Microsft SQL, #C, and HMLS. Depending on what kind of position you are aiming for, examples of past work might be necessary, too.

Responsibilities of an Application Analyst

Application analysts can have all manner of responsibilities, depending on the specifics of their role. The kinds of application analyst jobs available on Field Engineer show a wide variety of different kinds of positions. However, some of the most common responsibilities can include the following:

  • Analyzing a need for new applications
  • Performing analytic studies of existing applications and reporting on their ability to meet company needs
  • Designing and developing new applications for organizational use
  • Backing up and upgrading existing applications
  • Investigating, diagnosing, and resolving faults and errors in applications
  • Reporting and creating documentation for applications
  • Working with other developers and software providers to ensure organizational needs for software are met
Responsibilities of an Application Analyst

Skills of Application Analysts

Just as the role and responsibilities of an applications analyst can change, so too can the skills that apply to the specific positions that they find. Aside from the technical and analytical skills that would be a necessary part of the job, however, here are some other skills that tend to be essential for their careers:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Communicating technical problems and solutions to non-technical users and stakeholders
  • Problem-solving and reporting skills
  • Project management skills for design and development
  • The ability to construct and work to deadlines

Where Do Application Analysts Work?

Application analysts can work in a huge variety of different sectors. Any organizations that have a specific need for bespoke applications designed to help them carry out work processes and meet organizational goals may employ an application analyst. Some of the industries that might hire application analysts can include retail, financial services, health care, education, and public administration. 

Job Outlook for Application Systems Analysts 

Application analyst jobs existing a wide range of sectors, many of them working for financial services, health care, retail firms, education, and the public sector. The average application systems analyst salary, according to the latest figures from Payscale, is around $68,736, which is an hourly rate of around $28.01. In total pay, including bonuses and profit-sharing, the yearly pay tends to range from $48,765 to $98,760. Application support analyst salary differs slightly, coming in slightly lower at $62,136. With time, application analysts can further specialize their abilities, or they can rise up the ranks to become team leaders or senior application analysts. They can also switch career tracks into positions such as software development.

All of the information above, from the average application support analyst salaries to the roles, skills, and responsibilities they play, are designed to help you work out whether or not the career is right for you. Field Engineer offers access to a wide range of application analyst jobs, so take a look at what’s currently on offer to get a better idea of the prospects out there for those in the role, as well.

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