Apple Certified Technical Coordinator

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Apple Certified Technical Coordinators are Mac OS X technical coordinators with considerable knowledge of Mac OS X and the fundamentals of Mac OS X Server core functionality. They configure crucial services and execute basic troubleshooting, network deployment, policy management, etc. Coordinators handle the most common network job tasks of Mac OS.

They also handle tools for implementing Mac OS and software updates and after that efficiently manage them. Coordinators provide the first-level of support by acting to enable stable and efficient IT infrastructure. They respond to tickets that clients raise through email, phone or in person by resolving or by escalating them to their senior team members.

Since coordinators need to be good at customer service, they should have excellent communication skills. They set up and deploy Mac systems for users.

Meanwhile, a lot of Apple certification exams have been made available in other popular languages of the world, such as French, German, Spanish, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese, Russian, and Japanese, so that native speakers of these languages will also benefit.

Apple Certified Technical Coordinator’s Job Description

Coordinators configure and support Apple desktops/laptops. They participate in the development of images for PCs of all types. They produce packages for installation for MAC OS software.

They also handle and support different types of PCs and peripheral equipment, such as printers, scanners, network interface cards, etc. Coordinators will shift, assemble, and install equipment. Besides acting on user requests, they create, adjust, disable or delete a user account group.

Coordinators troubleshoot and resolve user accounts, permissions in various systems, such as Macintosh, Active Directory, Google, Moodle, etc., by following organizational procedures or help create new processes. They perform basic troubleshooting and create, remove or modify network printers. Coordinators plan, prepare and coordinate the installation of computer equipment. They also maintain inventory records for software and hardware, document instances of issue resolutions in their organizations' knowledge base, manage the replacement of equipment for computers and printers of staff, and advise them on purchases related to hardware and software.

Coordinators research and collaborate with their other team members to fix issues. They arrange and configure audiovisual and conference systems.

It is the coordinator's responsibility to provide remote support to different types of tools, such as Casper Remote and LogMeIn. They troubleshoot network issues of clients and their organizations relating to VPN, DNS, File shares.

Coordinators aid in asset tracking and inventory management. They make suggestions to their clients and organizations on best practices for sorting out issues.

ACTCs also provide support for smartphones with the iOS operating system. They manage and assess software site and hardware inventory licenses, in addition to security and compliance policies.

Coordinators follow quality control workflow for proper documentation. They also train help desk employees in the documentation, procedure, customer service, and resolution of common issues.

Prospects for Apple Certified Technical Coordinators

Apple certifications are suitable for passing students who want to join at entry-level positions as Apple technicians. These will help them gain employment in a constantly evolving job market as Apple certified support professionals.

Many creative businesses, such as advertising companies and media houses usually use Macs, besides most of those with art and video departments.

Educational qualifications and other certifications for Apple Certified Technical Coordinators

A High school diploma or equivalent along with an Apple Certified Technical Coordinator certification is necessary.  An A + certification from CompTIA gives candidates an edge over other aspirants. They should be conversant with various network configurations and hardware devices.

Salaries for Apple Certified Technical Coordinators reveals that the average salary of an Apple Certified Technical Coordinator is $65,000 per year in the United States. If they freelance, they will earn $26 per hour. Helps Employers and Candidates

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