Payment Terms

  • Provider will be paid for the services at the rates stated in the Work Order and in accordance with Field Engineer’s Terms of Use, subject to deduction of fees payable to Field Engineer for use of the Platform. Provider will only be paid after Provider: (a) has completed all services or tasks relating to the project, (b) has uploaded and sent to the Customer via the Platform all necessary electronic reports and materials required in the Work Order (c) has verified, via the Platform, that the services, tasks, and document upload have been completed, and (d) the Customer has accepted, via the Platform, the services and otherwise made no complaints concerning the nature, quality, or timeliness of the work.
  • Acceptance of Services. Customer will have five (5) days from the day the Provider marks the job as “Complete” to accept the services. If Customer fails to accept the services in that time period, the funds will automatically be disbursed to Provider.   All payments to a Provider for services performed will be facilitated by Field Engineer on behalf of a Customer.
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