Payment of Providers

Certain specific terms govern Providers and payment.

All Fees Are Paid To Providers. We do not charge for the Provider’s services. The transaction is between the Provider and the Customer. Field Engineers does not introduce Customers to Providers and does not help Providers secure engagements. We merely provide the platform to facilitate the relationship between Customer and Provider and collect fees on the Provider’s behalf. Thus, Field Engineers does not charge a fee when a Provider finds a suitable Customer or finds an Engagement. We may charge a transaction fee (currently 10%) for each Job facilitated by us in exchange for the services we provide to our Users. We

may change the transaction fee in our sole discretion. Providers will be notified of any changes in the transaction fee.

Payment of Fee to Provider. Provider will only be paid after Provider: (a) has completed all services and tasks relating to the project, (b) has uploaded and sent to the Customer via the Platform all necessary electronic reports and materials required in the Work Order (c) has verified, via the Platform, that the services, tasks, and document upload have been completed, and (d) the Customer has accepted, via the Platform, the services and otherwise made no complaints concerning the nature, quality, or timeliness of the work. Customer will have five (5) days from the day the Provider marks the job as “Complete” to accept the services. If Customer fails to accept the services in that time period, the funds will automatically be disbursed to Provider in the providers account – If Provider wants to transfer funds out of Provider’s Account Field Engineer will issue payment to Providers to the payment account connected to Provider’s Account. . In order to receive payment, Provider must connect a bank account or PayPal or Payoneer account that matches the identity of the entity or individual account registered to do business through Field Engineer. The amount of time it takes to transfer funds out of Provider’s Account may vary. Field Engineer makes no guarantee about the time it takes to complete a funds transfer request. Payments cannot be made to a savings account and payment may decline if Provider attempts to collect payment through a savings account. Once payment is made to a Provider, we will have no further financial obligation related to the transaction and Customer will have waived any right to use our Dispute Resolution Procedure to dispute the nature of the work or request a return of any funds. Please review the Customer terms for more information on Field Engineers Services Dispute Resolution Procedures.

Additional Hours Needed. If a project requires more hours than the maximum number of hours proposed in the Work Order or the nature of the services results in an increase in the price of the project, Provider must obtain Customer’s approval, and Customer must deposit additional funds with Field Engineer before any work may be rendered by the Provider. The Platform will provide a function that allows the Provider to request more hours, or additional fees for a project and subsequently provide the Customer the opportunity to accept such a request.

1099 Independent Contractor. Providers are 1099 Independent Contractors and are responsible for reporting their income to the IRS and paying taxes appropriately. Taxes will not be withheld for Providers. Providers are responsible for ensuring that appropriate tax-related information (i.e. SSN, EIN, TIN) associated with their Account is up to date. Field Engineer is only responsible for issuing 1099’s to the individual or entity identified in the Provider’s Account. Customers agree to only post projects properly structured to ensure the classification of 1099 Independent Contractors is properly that of 1099 Independent Contractors. Providers will perform the Job as an independent contractor and nothing in this Agreement will be deemed to create a partnership, joint venture, agency, or employer-employee relationship between Provider and Customer or between Field Engineer and any Providers or any Customers. Field Engineer, however, has no liability to the Providers or any Customers if a determination legal or otherwise is made by a federal, state or local agency or authority that any Customer is a joint employer of the Providers, or that the Providers are employees of Field Engineer and/or of the Customer.

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